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Bloombastic by Atami is a high quality, highly concentrated, organic-based cocktail of bio-minerals and biological stimulators containing sea kelp and clay minerals designed for use during the flowering period of cannabis plants.

Bloombastic replaces the need for multiple bloom products, incorporating a PK boost, improving quality and yield, enhancing flavour by improved essential oil production and acting as a metabolic booster, accelerator, and top hardener. Bloombastic increases the sugar content of your crop and boosts flower production explosively, leading to heavier harvests of denser, sweeter-smelling buds.

Compared to other liquid flowering products, Bloombastic contains over 50% more Potassium and Phosphorous and is made without non-digestible ballast substances (Sodium, Chlorine). Bloombastic also has a positive influence on the various enzymatic functions and as such helps plants prevent and recover from stress.

Application and dosage:

  • Bloombastic is compatible with any base nutrients. To avoid overdosing the plants, don't use in combination with other high-PK products. It can be used in combination with a carbohydrate/sugar product, as long as the product is low in PK.
  • Apply during the last 4 to 6 weeks of flowering. Start with 2ml per litre and over the course of flowering, gradually increase the dose to the maximum 4ml per litre to see an even more dramatic effect.
  • Suitable for use with all growing media - Soil, Soilless mixes, Coco or Rockwool, and with all irrigation systems - NFT, Ebb & Flow, Drippers, Bubblers, Aeroponics.

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