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Alchimia presents Rokzbastic by Atami, a powerful flowering stimulator formulated with a 1:2 potassium and phosphorus ratios. It helps to obtain bigger and denser buds and can be used together with Bloombastic to maximise production.

Atami's Rokzbastic, heavier and harder buds

Rokzbastic is a powerful PK enhancer intended to use in the flowering period and get heavy and rock-hard buds. It contains Phosphorus (10) and Potassium (20) in a 1:2 ratio. It is formulated with a high potassium concentration, which benefits plants with longer flowering periods. It also contains 1% iron and other elements to promote many vital plant processes with no significant amounts of sodium and chlorine, just like Bloombastic.

Rokzbastic, flowering stimulator for all types of substrates

Rokzbastic can be used in all types of substrates such as soil, coconut or hydroponics and is suitable for automatic irrigation. Due to its high potassium content, it is suitable for growing vegetables and fruits such as peppers, chilli peppers, tomatoes, and citric fruits. Ornamental plants such as orchids, hibiscus or rose shrubs appreciate the use of Rokzbastic as part of the nutrition and achieve exuberant blooms.

Rokzbastic, powerful flowering cannabis booster

Rokzbastic should be applied the last 4-6 weeks before root washing, in the last flowering stage. This product is used combined with the base nutrients, and can be used together with Bloombastic, thus obtaining better results. This is by increasing weight and enhancing the final product organoleptic properties. It is important to pay attention to the EC level of the nutrient solution, and not exceed the recommended dosage and over fertilise.

Dosage: from 0.5-1.0ml per L of water.

Atami's Rokzbastic info:

  • PK Bloom stimulator
  • PK 10-20 + 1% iron and other elements
  • Apply the last 4-6 weeks of flowering (before root washing)
  • Dosage: from 0.5-1.0ml per L of nutrient solution
  • It must be applied together with the base fertiliser -can be used in combination with Bloombastic
  • Valid for all types of substrates and drip irrigation
  • Packs available: 100ml / 325ml / 1250ml

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