B’Cuzz Atazyme 1L
B’Cuzz Atazyme 1L
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B’Cuzz Atazyme 1L

Now available at Alchimia Grow Shop B'Cuzz Atazyme, an enzyme complex designed to keep the substrate in optimal condition, and facilitate the assimilation of nutrients by plants.

This product breaks down accumulated fertiliser residue and organic matter in the soil of our cannabis grow (or any other type of substrate) and transforms them into nutrients available to the plants.

Bcuzz Atazyme, stimulates the roots and improves the quality of the substrate.

This way, it helps to maintain the structure of the soil, avoiding possible fungal infections, while increasing the vigour of the plants by giving them an additional food source, ensuring that everything applied will be absorbed by the roots.

This also protects against possible over-fertilisation and strengthens the plant's root system, which will better tolerate excess fertiliser, grow more and more quickly and, providing a more abundant flower harvest.

Bcuzz Atazyme promotes nutrient assimilation and accelerates plant development

If we use it in hydroponic systems, or with an automatic watering system, it will keep the drippers clean by disintegrating the accumulated salt deposits that sometimes block the ducts, thus ensuring optimal functioning.

It should be applied mixed with water at a rate of 2ml per litre, from the beginning of the crop until 2 weeks before harvest, increasing the dose a little during the last weeks to stimulate ripening and improve the quality of the flowers of your grow, whether outdoors or in an indoor growing tent.

B'Cuzz Atazyme 1L info:

  • Enzyme complex
  • Compatible with any type of substrate
  • Breaks down the remains of organic matter and fertiliser into the substrate
  • Improves the structure of the soil and avoids the appearance of fungi and bacteria
  • Transforms the residues into plant-available sugars
  • Increases the vigour and development of plants
  • Strengthens the root system and stimulates nutrient assimilation
  • Helps to obtain a more abundant and higher quality crop
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