Cannabis Grow Kits

Indoor and outdoor growing kits. For all spaces and needs

Here we present all our kits developed by Alchimiaweb. These sets bring together all the necessary products for growing, whatever your needs may be. The kits adapt to your requirements as a grower. There are outdoor kits for terraces, balconies, special kits for auto-flowering plants, etc. If you want to cultivate in an enclosed space, Alchimia offers the Indoor Grow Kits with or without grow tent. The Lighting Sets and cannabis fertilisers are also brought together, as well as the extraction Kits, extractor compounds, filters and other accessories.

Outdoor growing kits, for terraces, balconies, Auto varieties, professionals,…

Outdoor sets are developed for soil, pots or cultivators who want to get started. There are also more economical basic kits as well asprofessional sets designed to get the most out of summer cultivation. They differ on the size and pot volume, aimed at a larger number of smaller pots and others with few but large pots.

Indoor growing kits with grow tent. Everything you need to set up a grow room at home

Indoor Grow Kits have everything you need to set up your own grow tent, whatever the size of the tent and whatever the grower's needs. You can find kits that include all the necessary accessories for a first cultivation, including fertilisers, soil, pots and watering cans, among others.

There are also kits with just all the accessories to assemble the grow tent with different lighting systems such as the latest LEDs at the best price, the most efficient HPS on the market to reduce your electricity bill, or fluorescent lamps to have a safe and controlled space to keep your cuttings and mothers when temperatures start to rise.

Indoor growing kits without a grow tent. Perfect for grow rooms or home grow tents

The Indoor Kits without a tent are ideal if you already have a typical grow room or and interior space for growing. Also perfect for those who already have or want to create a grow room. These kits are intended for whatever space you have, and start growing right away.

Cannabis fertiliser kits, lighting and extraction kits in one place

This section also brings together the latest technology Lighting sets, for greater energy savings as well as great power, with huge harvest and large amounts of resin. We also offer fertiliser and additive kits for cannabis. These kits are designed for all growers and for all plant stages. From Kits for beginners with only includes two or three elements but enough to get good results, to Kits that meet all the spectrums that the plant needs and designed for professionals.

We also include the extraction Kits, so that with just one purchase you can get the extractor, filter and the necessary accessories for good air circulation.

Latest in Cannabis Grow Kits

Basic kit with LED for 80cm x 80cm spaces
Complete Outdoor Starter Kit - 15 plants
Outdoor Basic Starter Kit - 10 Auto-flowering
Soil + 5 pots 7L Kit

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