Soil Regenerator Kit

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Alchimia presents Soil Regenerator Kit, a potting soil regenerator set of products designed to improve the quality of the potting soil once used. It is composed of worm humus by Asturhumus, Biotabs Startrex nutrient tablets and Plagron Supermix substrate.

Soil Regenerator Kit - how to reuse the soil from your cultivation

Worm humus is an organic fertiliser rich in nutrients that helps to improve the substrate structure, facilitating aeration and drainage. It also provides a large number of beneficial micro-organisms that help plants absorb nutrients.

Biotabs Startrex nutrient tablets are placed in the pot base and gradually release the nutrients, ensuring that the plants have everything they require to grow and develop.

Plagron Supermix is a high quality substrate composed of a mixture of peat, vermiculite and perlite. It provides good drainage and aeration and is rich in nutrients.

Soil Regenerator kit is ideal for growers who want to improve their plant health and increase productivity. It is a product easy to use, as it is only necessary to mix the three products with the used soil and add it to the pots.

Soil Regenerator kit benefits:

  • Worm humus improves the substrate structure, facilitating aeration and drainage
  • Biotabs Startrex nutrient tablets release nutrients gradually, ensuring plants have everything they need
  • Plagron Supermix substrate provides good drainage and aeration. It is rich in nutrients.

Soil Regenerator Bio Kit - elements:

Properties of Soil Regenerator Kit

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