Grinders are an indispensable tool for consumers of cannabis flowers.

The grinder was born from the need to break the cannabis up for consumption without having to use our hands and it is an essential piece of kit when rolling a joint or filling a bong or a pipe. Over the years the aesthetics and function of grinders have improved enormously and these days, we can choose from a wide range of models that are adapted to the needs of each cannabis user.

Grinders for cannabis

The earliest grinders were made of wood, with their own style of smooth or engraved shapes that give a feeling that only wood can transmit, it is pleasant to the touch, ergonomic, generally small and easy to handle.

The plastic grinders like the Budtainer followed wood on the evolutionary ladder of cannabis grinder design. They are usually cheaper, because of their ease of manufacture, although they are just as useful as other types. There are many different shapes and colours, usually in two parts, and the affordable price means that if it breaks or is lost, it can be easily and cheaply be replaced.

At the same time, metallic grinders began to appear, usually made of aluminium, with different shapes, capacities, colours and parts. The most basic models have two parts and consist of pyramidal or rhomboid teeth to better grind the herb.

Progressing from the two-part models, we can find pollinator grinders, which have the added feature of a mesh screen which filters the resin glands that fall off during the crushing process, allowing them to collect in the base so you can enjoy a high-quality dry sift hash. Some grinders such as the Pure Grinder incorporate a vibrating system that facilitates the detachment of the trichomes for later collection.

Metal cannabis grinders

Grinders such as the SLX boast a ceramic layer that covers the inside to prevent the resin from sticking to the walls and teeth, avoiding the need for regular cleaning to maintain proper operation. When using the SLX, a thorough cleaning every several months will be more than enough.

Within the same category of metal grinders, we can find models fitted with a crank. This handle is situated on the upper part and helps the user to crush the herbs in a simple and effective way.

Apart from the metal grinders with the usual shape and design, we also have novelty grinders, which are huge fun and have great visual appeal, for example the Death Star or the Darth Vader grinders for fans of the Stars Wars saga, or a Pokemon grinder, for when you've just gotta catch all the buds!

Electric grinders are another handy option to break up cannabis and other herbs. They function with batteries and work just like a coffee grinder, with a blade that cuts the buds up in a few seconds, leaving them ready for consumption, either by combustion or in a vaporiser.

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