Plastic grinders

Here you'll find the most basic and functional range of grinders, those made of plastic.

Designed to grind your herbs at home, when travelling or for those looking for the most affordable option, acrylic grinders are convenient, easy to clean and colourful.


8 Ball Grinder

The grinder emulates one of the worst nightmares any billiard aficionado has ever suffered. We certainly insist that it is a grinder and not a real billiard ball! Don't try to play with it with real balls, especially if there is vegetable matter insi [...]

  • 1.00€ 0.97€

3 parts hemp grinder

We are glad to present this environmentally friendly herbal grinder, the 3-part "Earth Friendly" hemp grinder is now available at Alchimia Grow Shop. It is made of bio-plastic hemp, a sustainable and ecological material 100% recyclable and biodegrad [...]

  • 2.50€ 2.05€


TightVac presents the innovative GrinderVac, the only herbal grinder to feature a vacuum-sealed storage container to protect and preserve your cannabis flowers in the best possible condition. Available now in our AlchimiaWeb Headshop. This revoluti [...]

  • Yellow opaque5.50€ 5.30€
  • Blue opaque5.50€ 5.30€
  • Black opaque5.50€ 5.30€
  • Red opaque5.50€ 5.30€
  • Green Opaque5.50€ 5.30€


Airtainer - container with grinder - comes from this company's efforts to satisfy the more demanding marijuana users, thus offering them a way to carry their medicine with upgraded features. The Airtainer has been made with plastic, so it neither em [...]

  • Green (Out of stock)1.50€ 1.45€
  • Blue (Out of stock)1.50€ 1.45€
  • Black (Out of stock)1.50€ 1.45€
  • Orange (Out of stock)1.50€ 1.45€

Grinder - PLAY MATE (with small balls game)

5 cm diameter grinder, coloured plastic. Both parts of the PLAY MATE grinder are attached with magnets, and one of them is the classic labyrinth balls game. With PLAY MATE grinder... Entertainment and fun is guaranteed! * Random color selection. T [...]

  • 4.00€ 2.80€

3D Grinders Grinder

Alchimia presents Grinder Bob by 3D Grinders, a device to grind dry herbs. It is made of biodegradable plastic with a vegetable base (PLA). An innovative patented design for easy grinding and even easier recovery of the plant material. This grinder [...]

  • Bob (Out of stock)15.00€ 14.55€
  • Kodos (Out of stock)15.00€ 14.55€
  • Mario (Out of stock)15.00€ 14.55€
  • Patricio (Out of stock)15.00€ 14.55€
  • Rick (Out of stock)15.00€ 14.55€

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