Cannabis Resin Extraction

Cannabis Resin Extraction

Cannabis extraction is the process of separation of the trichomes from the plant matter.

Disposing the plant matter facilitates storage and transport, and removes a large number of elements in the combustion and vaporisation which are totally dispensable, cannabis concentrate is a much less harmful product for health and much more powerful than cannabis buds. It is ideal for smoking in a borosilicate pipe or vaporiser, or for rolling it the old-fashioned way mixed with tobacco (a sacrilege for the purists).

There are many types of concentrates and variations of them (with dried or fresh material), basically there are 2 main processes to classify concentrates:

  • Solvent-free extractions
  • Solvent extractions

Mechanical or solvent-free extractions

Dry hashish, Dry Hash or Dry Sift:

It is done using a sieve, Tam Tam (traditional Moroccan hashish method), mesh or Secret Box Dry Extractor. Meshes from 120 to 160 microns are usually used. The product to be processed can be previously frozen so that the glands are more easily detached, but it is important to consider the importance of performing the process in a place with low humidity and temperature, in order to achieve the cleanest possible extraction (free of plant matter).

Dry ice can be used by placing it in the Pollinator drum, Hashmaker or mesh, to easily lower the temperature, even freezing it. This is why working time should be drastically reduced by using dry ice, as it increases the contamination risk by vegetable matter; as it is frozen, it is easier for it to break down in size (even become dust) and pass through the mesh.

Dry hashish is still one of the least intrusive and most natural techniques where the maximum number of terpenes is preserved. This technique has been improved over the decades until the new Static Sift Hash, one of the cleanest extractions thanks to the help of static electricity.

Water hash, Bubble Hash or Iceolator:

Using a mesh kit (Alchimia has a wide variety of sizes and micron sizes), cold water and ice (below 4C), the glandular heads are separated by gravity from the plant matter.

Once the glands are separated, hashish drying is very important. One of the most innovative methods is the use of a freeze-dryer machine (for professionals).

It is not necessary to press the hashish (Iceolator and Dry) if it is going to be consumed in a short time, it is enough to keep it in the fridge, but if one wishes to preserve it without losing its properties for a long period of time, it is advisable to freeze it (it must be very dry).

Rosin Tech:

Essence separation by pressure and heat of the sample. It is one of the most up-to-date extraction techniques, and it can begin with a simple flower or a concentrate such as dry hash or Iceolator. Alchimia presents different Rosin Presses, Pre-presses and Nylon bags to recover the resin in a clean way.

Extractions with solvents or BHO (Butane Hash Oil):

BHO is the type of extraction that provides the highest return by using a solvent in the process. It can be done with Roller Extractor BHO open systems or closed circuit, much more sophisticated equipment with different capacities for professionals, which is now available in our catalogue. For purging (excess gas evaporation) vacuum pumps and ovens are offered.

Different textures can be obtained depending on the process, such as Budder or the precious THC Diamonds with Diamond Mining.

Extractions can be done with dry or fresh cannabis (with freshly cut plants), hence the name Fresh, maintaining a higher quantity of terpenes and organoleptic richness, like Iceolator with flowers just harvested: Fresh Frozen.

In this category, Cannabis Resin Extraction, a wide range of products are available to make different cannabis concentration methods and also for its subsequent handling and preservation, such as specific paper, silicone bags or transport boxes.

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