Ice water hash

Resin extractions made with water and ice are a great way to get hashish of very high quality, often called water hash or bubble hash.

This method started as an excellent way to get a nice amount of concentrate from the trim, the small leaves often removed during the manicuring process. Soon, buds were also used instead of leaves, thus increasing both quality and yields.

Whether you use bud or trim, cured or fresh, ice water extractions provide amazing results if made properly, which can be dabbed without a problem.

Here you'll find equipment to extract resins with water and ice, like Top Zeef, Bubbleator and other washing machines, Pure Extract Bags, Bubble Bags, Cristalicer bags and Ice-o-lator bags.

Featured products in Ice water hash

Secret Smoke Washing Machine + 5 Bags
20 L Icer washing machine Pure Factory
UP TO 30%
Mr. Hide Extracts Ice&Hash 75L kit

From 101.50€ 145.00€

UP TO 30%
Mr. Hide Extracts Ice&Hash 20L Kit

From 42.00€ 60.00€

Featured offers Ice water hash

Medicalnets washing machine bag

From 16.00€ 20.00€

Medicalnets Extraction Bag 120L

From 52.00€ 65.00€

Medicalnets 20L Extraction Bag

From 20.00€ 25.00€

UP TO 20%
Medicalnets 9 bags

From 168.00€ 210.00€

ICE-O-LATOR additional bag - travel
Medicalnets 3 bags

From 64.00€ 80.00€


Kit Washing machine XL + 3 meshes + cylindrical mesh

Washing machine for making water hash XL size, designed to process a lot of grass at once, making the process easier for resin lovers. Considerably larger than the Bubbleator washing machine, its dimensions are 83x50x45cm, with an interior space of [...]

  • 230.00€ 207.00€
UP TO 30%

Mr. Hide Extracts Ice&Hash 20L Kit

The new Ice&Hash bags for ice and water resin extractions from Mr. Hide Extracts are an excellent way to obtain premium quality concentrates in record time, thanks to their full-mesh design. Now available at Alchimiaweb. These bags have a volume [...]

  • 3 bags60.00€ 42.00€
  • 5 bags108.50€ 75.95€
  • 8 bags (Out of stock)160.00€ 128.00€

Secret Smoke Washing Machine + 5 Bags

Alchimia presents the Secret Smoke ice-water extraction machine, ideal for easily extracting high-quality bubble hash, thanks to its 5 mesh bags. Simple to use, all that's required, after having previously filled the machine with ice water, is to fi [...]

  • 149.00€ 111.75€

Ice-O-Lator 5 bags 220/185/90/70/25 microns

Alchimia offers you this set of filter bags to be used for water and ice extractions. The famous Ice-O-Lator brand is available in different sizes to satisfy all resin producers, available online now at Alchimiaweb in our Resin Extraction catalogue. [...]

  • Travel80.00€ 72.00€
  • 145.00€ 130.50€
  • Medium255.00€ 229.50€
  • Large360.00€ 324.00€

20 L Icer washing machine Pure Factory

Pure Factory launches Icer, its own new washing machine for Ice-O-Lator model. It has a capacity of 20L, and its smooth movement offers high quality extractions. It presents a timer of 15 minutes maximum, together with tubes for water supply and drai [...]

  • Without extraction bags59.00€ 56.05€
  • With extraction bags105.00€ 99.75€
UP TO 30%

Mr. Hide Extracts Ice&Hash 120L kit

Resin extractions with water and ice are a highly appreciated separation method among connoisseurs, as it guarantees a solvent-free process and a high-quality product. With the Ice&Hash bags from Mr. Hide Extracts, getting it will be as easy as i [...]

  • 3 bags173.00€ 121.10€
  • 5 bags292.00€ 219.00€
  • 8 bags471.00€ 353.25€
UP TO 30%

Mr. Hide Extracts Ice&Hash 75L kit

We present the Ice&Hash bags for resin extractions with ice and water from Mr. Hide Extracts, which, thanks to their full-mesh design, greatly facilitate the drainage and screening operation of the resin glands. Now available at Alchimiaweb. Wit [...]

  • 3 bags145.00€ 101.50€
  • 5 bags232.00€ 162.40€
  • 8 bags365.00€ 292.00€
UP TO 15%

Ice-O-Lator 7 bags 220/185/120/90/70/45/25microns

Professional Kit of 7 bags with mesh, designed to separate the trichomes of resin according to the method of water extraction of resin. This set of ICE-O-LATOR bags is designed for do extractions separating the result in different qualities, up t [...]

  • Small 175.00€ 157.50€
  • Medium330.00€ 297.00€
  • Large500.00€ 425.00€
UP TO 30%

Mr. Hide Extracts Ice&Hash 4L kit

Introducing the Mr. Hide Extracts Ice&Hash Mesh Kits, a fast and highly effective way to level up your ice and water resin extractions. Now available at Alchimiaweb. Thanks to these kits, you'll be able to separate the plant material from the re [...]

  • 3 bags48.00€ 33.60€
  • 5 bags (Out of stock)85.00€ 59.50€
  • 8 bags130.00€ 104.00€

Prefilter Medicalnets

Alchimia presents Medicalnets pre-filters to be used in extraction equipment to optimise the results. A product now available in our accessories for resin extractions catalogue. Medicalnets pre-filters, filters for extraction machines Medicalnets pre [...]

  • 220 microns - 10x30cm12.00€ 9.60€

Pure Extract 220 microns work bag

The Pure Extract washing machine bags are now available at Alchimia, with a mesh size of 220 microns. Thanks to these bags, we can retain plant matter and/or ice when extracting resin with water and ice, keeping our washing machine much cleaner. Tha [...]

  • 60 L (Out of stock)53.40€

Bubbleator - Hash extraction machine

Bubbleator is a portable washing machine that has become an amazing resin extraction device. Clean and easy to use, BUBLEATOR enables the extraction of resin from buds mixed with water and ice, which are deposited inside the wasing machine. How to u [...]

  • 199.00€

Secret Icer Pack 5 bags Secret Smoke

Alchimia presents Secret Icer Pack by Secret Smoke, a set for the elaboration of hashish with 20L meshes. A simple method to elaborate solvent free cannabis concentrates. Secret Icer, ice-o-lator or dryhash This kit of 5 meshes for ice-o-lator extr [...]

  • 72.00€ 50.40€

Super Grower 22L Small washing machine

Here at Alchimia Grow Shop, we are glad to present the Super Grower 22L washing machine, ideal for Ice-O-Lator hashish extractions from our cannabis cultivation flowers, performed in a convenient and effective way. Its dimensions are 53cm high x 33c [...]

  • 99.00€

XL Thermal Cover

Alchimia presents this thermal cover for an XL water extraction machine, and is ideal to maintain the temperature of chilled water throughout the process and promote efficient resin extraction. Equipped with Velcro fasteners, this cover of 1.61 x 0. [...]

  • (Out of stock)14.00€ 11.20€

Medicalnets Drying Mesh 30x30cm 25µm

Medicalnets Drying Mesh for ice-o-lator is now available at Alchimia. Medicalnets Drying Mesh is perfect for extracting water from ice-o-lator concentrates (water hashish) and for drying the hashish once extracted. The Drying Mesh measures 30cm x 3 [...]

  • (Out of stock)10.00€ 7.50€
UP TO 20%

Medicalnets 9 bags

Alchimia presents MedicalNets 9-mesh 20L Kit, bags for resin extraction using water and ice. The measures are 220, 190, 160, 140, 120, 90, 73, 45 and 25 microns. These MedicalNets bags are manufactured with undyed food grade conical monofilament nyl [...]

  • 20L210.00€ 168.00€
  • 120L550.00€ 495.00€

Medicalnets 5 bags for resin extraction

Alchimia presents the Medicalnets 5 bags 20L or 120L Kit, bags for resin extraction using water and ice. These meshes are 220, 160, 120, 73 and 25 microns in size. These Medicalnets bags are manufactured using a food grade conical monofilament nylon [...]

  • 20L130.00€ 104.00€
  • 120L340.00€ 272.00€

Medicalnets 3 bags

Alchimia presents MedicalNets 3-mesh Kit, extraction bags intended to perform quality resin extractions using water and ice. They measure 220, 120 and 25 microns. MedicalNets bags are made of food quality undyed conical monofilament nylon filter. I [...]

  • 20L80.00€ 64.00€
  • 120L200.00€ 160.00€

Medicalnets 20L Extraction Bag

MedicalNets presents here the 20L Extraction Bag, an ideal volume for performing small resin extractions using the marijuana flowers and manicured waste material from our harvest. MedicalNets, water-based resin extraction bag Bag developed by Medic [...]

  • 220 microns25.00€ 20.00€
  • 100 microns25.00€ 20.00€
  • 45 microns25.00€ 20.00€
  • 25 microns25.00€ 20.00€

Medicalnets Extraction Bag 120L

Alchimia presents the MedicalNets Extraction Bag 120 litres, one of the resin extraction accessories developed by Medical Seeds seed bank. It is made of 100% monofilament nylon with laser cutting. This extraction bag ensures an efficient and clean w [...]

  • 220 microns65.00€ 52.00€
  • 100 microns65.00€ 52.00€
  • 45 microns65.00€ 52.00€
  • 25 microns65.00€ 52.00€
  • 73 micros65.00€ 52.00€

Medicalnets washing machine bag

Alchimia present the Medicalnets 220 micron washing machine bag (8L or 20L). A product created with first quality materials such as undyed food grade monofilament nylon. The bag with the frozen buds inside is placed in the washing machine. This grea [...]

  • 8L20.00€ 16.00€
  • 20L30.00€ 24.00€

Pure Extract Bag 120L

The Pure Extract Bag extraction bags are easy to use and highly effective thanks to their 100% full mesh fabric design. Now available seperately at Alchimia, individual 120L full mesh bags to add another level of filtration to your hashmaking setup, [...]

  • 140 microns (Out of stock)68.90€ 48.20€

Pyramid Zipper Bag for Bubbleator

Alchimia presents the Pyramidal Work Bag with zip, to be used with Bubbleator or a similar machine, now available in our catalogue of material for ice water cannabis extractions. This zip mesh bag allows us to place the grass in a Bubbleator machine [...]

  • Small 30.00€
  • Large45.00€

Bubbleator XL 800g

Pollinator, the famous Dutch company specialised in cannabis extractions, presents here at Alchimiaweb its Bubbleator XL. An excellent equipment for cannabis cultivators who wish to perform large cannabinoids extraction sessions by using ice. They no [...]

  • 2 bags set335.00€
  • 3 bags set385.00€
  • 4 Bags Set435.00€
  • 5 Bags Set475.00€
  • 6 Bags Set515.00€
  • 7 Bags Set550.00€
  • 8 Bags Set580.00€

Large Ice-O-Lator additional bag

Alchimia presents these large ice hash bags to complete your Ice-O-Lator extraction kit. The bags are available in different micron sizes. You can find them now in our catalogue of material for resin extractions. The large Ice-O-Lator bags have a dia [...]

  • 25 microns80.00€ 72.00€
  • 185 microns 80.00€ 72.00€
  • 120 microns 80.00€ 72.00€
  • 90 microns 80.00€ 72.00€
  • 70 microns 80.00€
  • 45 microns 80.00€ 72.00€
  • 25 microns 80.00€ 72.00€

Harvest Right Medium Freeze Dryer

Alchimia presents the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer, designed to lyophilise food, but also highly effective to achieve optimal drying of solventless extracts of cannabis resin like bubble hash or Ice O Lator. Indeed, this drying process does not alter [...]

  • Black (Out of stock)5,573.68€ 4,458.90€

Round Mesh work bag for washing machine

Cylindrical mesh edgeless and velcro, with a micron size of 220mc. Available in two different volumes: XL: 19 liters (5 gallons) with measurements of 22cm in diameter and 43cm in length XXL: 76 liters (20 gallons) with measurements of 40cm in d [...]

  • Size: XL (19 liters)30.00€ 24.00€
  • Size: XXL(76 litrers)44.72€ 35.78€

Iceolator Travel 7 bags

Set of bags to make Ice-O-Lator water extractions, from Pollinator, in its travel version, with a capacity of 25g and 7 different meshes for different qualities. Now available at Alchimiaweb. The Ice-o-Lator mesh kit for waterborne resin will be ver [...]

  • 100.00€ 90.00€

ICE-O-LATOR Travel Indoor 2 bags

ICE-O-Lator Travel 2 Bags set Indoor is a kit of 2 bags with mesh, designed for resin extraction. These bags are ideal to carry with us, for example, to a friend's home, for always have your tools for extractions with cold water and ice. With a di [...]

  • 220/70 μm40.00€ 36.00€

Cristalicer - 2 meshes

CRISTALICER resin extraction bags of different qualities. Extraction system with WATER and ICE. Characteristics of Cristalicer resin extraction bags: Bag 1: 130 micron. Bag 2: 68 micron. Diameter: 50 cm. [...]

  • 60.00€ 45.00€
UP TO 15%

Indoor Ice-O-Lator 2-Bag Set (220/70 m)

ICE-O-LATOR is a simple resin extraction system, based on resistant bags with sieves or meshes of different microns through which, with the help of ice and water, you will obtain very pure extractions. The Indoor Ice-O-Lator 2-Bag Set (220/70 μm) [...]

  • Small70.00€ 63.00€
  • Medium125.00€ 106.25€
  • Large160.00€ 136.00€

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