Bubbleator - Hash extraction machine

Bubbleator is a portable washing machine that has become an amazing resin extraction device. Clean and easy to use, BUBLEATOR enables the extraction of resin from buds mixed with water and ice, which are deposited inside the wasing machine.

How to use Bubbleator?

Its use is very simple and quick; fill the machine with cold water and add ice cubes until 4 °C temperature is reached.

Previously, you should freeze all the plant matter for 12 h. Put it in a cylindrical/pyramidal bag that will separate all extracted trichomes from the plant matter, which in turn will be retained in the bag. Put the bag in the machine and turn it ON.

Then you can proceed to take the bag with the plant matter out and filter the remaining water using two 220 and 70 micron bags.

The resin extraction will result from filtering this water, and you will finally obtain your precious premium quality ice-o-lator type hashish. You should also use a stainless steel strainer and then it is ready to be stored, manipulated or consumed.

Components of Bubbleator, the hashish making machine:

  • 1 strainer bag 220 mc.
  • One cylindrical bag 220 mc.
  • One cylindrical bag 70 mc.
  • 1 thermometer.
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Opinions about Bubbleator - Hash extraction machine and questions 2

14-08-2016-> Robert Murray says:

Is this machine able to be used in Australia,what is the electrical pin

17-08-2016 -> Alchimia Grow Shop says:

Hi Robert,

We have this machine with two different electrical pins, the European (Europlug) and the UK (BS 1363).

Thanks for your confidence!


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