Graspresso 7T Graveda

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Alchimia presents Graspresso 7T by Graveda, a press designed for the production of Rosin with a 7 ton capacity, equipped with an analogue nanometre. An ideal press to make Rosin extractions at home thanks to plates large enough to obtain great yields.

Graveda is a company with a great reputation widely demonstrated in its Rosin cannabis extraction presses. This brand offers a wide range of different hydraulic Rosin presses, manufactured in Germany, offering different pressures and plate sizes. Graveda presses come directly from the factory and are ready for use, just unpack and start preparing extractions!

Graspresso 7T, professional extractions at home

Graspresso 7T incorporates two 12cm x 6cm heating plates, so the flowers or Hashish can be pressed in bags like the medium size Rosin Evolution. These enable the pressing of up to 15g of flowers. It is an ideal equipment for extraction lovers who wish to dedicate a good part of their harvest to extractions.

The press has a 7T hydraulic cylinder, equipped with an analogue nanometre that displays the pressure exerted. The nanometre does not accurately display the vacuum system, but it allows criteria to be established during the extractions to obtain similar results. Thus, extractions with the same concentrations, and above all similar flavours and effects, are obtained. This is certainly very important for therapeutic cannabis users.

The temperature is controlled via the display on the front of the device. It also allows a timer to be set to apply a defined pressure time. The display can be operated with silicone gloves.

Graveda Graspresso 7T includes:

  • Graspresso 7T Rosin Press
  • Nanometre
  • All necessary cables
  • Operating instructions

Graveda Graspresso 7T info:

  • Rosin press
  • Nanometre
  • Manual pressure
  • Pressure by hydraulic cylinder
  • Dimensions: 36cm x 16cm x 40cm
  • Weight: 19Kg
  • Plate size: 12cm x 6cm
  • Temperature: 0-150ºC

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