Rosin Evolution Medium Bags

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Rosin Evolution bags are specially designed to withstand high temperatures and pressures during rosin extraction, now available at in a range of different bag sizes and different micron sizes.

Here we offer packs of 10 medium sized Rosin Evolution bags (5.08 x 11.43cm) which can each hold up to 15 - 25 grams of cannabis flowers, and produce a very clean resin extraction. This is the maximum amount, but we can use less material in each bag if we like.

Designed to use wiyh Rosin Presses, these bags allow you to extract the resin via pressure and heat without any plant material contamination in the final product. These filter bags allow you to easily separate the resin from the leaf matter.

Rosin Evolution bags are made of nylon, a safe and flexible material that can easily stretch and return to its original position without breaking. After various tests, nylon has proven to be the best material for Rosin filters.

  • 25 microns: Use for pressing high quality Bubble Hash or Dry Sift. They can also be used to re-press Rosin in order to produce the famous Sauce and THCA Diamond extraction.
  • 37 microns: To squeeze Bubble Hash or Dry Sift. It can also be used with flowers to extract extremely clean Rosin.
  • 90 microns: This mesh size is for use with flowers or trim for a very clean result.
  • 160 microns: Standard size for pressing flowers or trim.

The size of its bags is adapted with the L Rosin Pre-press (3.81 x 8.25 x 5.08cm).

Rosin Evolution Medium Bags info:

  • Contains 10 Rosin bags
  • Dimensions: 5.08 x 11.43cm
  • 100% nylon
  • Temperature resistant (220ºC)
  • Food grade - without dye

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