Dry sieving

Here you will find several machines to sieve resin glands from plant material, either trim or buds, and thus get what is known as dry sift or dry sieved hashish.

You'll find Pollinator, Top Zeef and Secret box sieving machines, rosin bags and presses, the classic Hash Maker, the new Polenmaker, etc.

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Master Trimmer DRY 500

Alchimia presents MT Dry 500, a cannabis peeler by Master Products designed for medium-sized growers. It is a device of great precision an [...]

  • 6,460.00€

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Secret box dry sift machine

Secret Box is a complete and affordable machine for sieving cannabis resin glands and making top grade dry sieved hashish. Already availabl [...]

  • 155.00€ 131.75€

Hash Maker

Hash Maker is a shaker for cannabis resin extraction, with wich we can extract resin glands from plant matter by just shaking [...]

  • 17.50€

Secret Box replacement screen

Replacement mesh for the Secret Box sieving machine, so you can replace the original screen of the drum in case of damag [...]

  • 225 mc 20.00€ 18.00€
  • 100 mc 20.00€ 10.00€
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Hash Shaker

Hash Shaker XL is a shaker for cannabis resin extraction, with which you can extract the pollen [...]

  • S 19.36€ 17.40€
  • L 36.30€ 32.65€
  • XL 40.00€

Big Secret Box Screen Mesh replacement

Big Secret Box is an impressive device designed to perform dry cannabis extraction. We present here this machine's [...]

  • 100 microns 30.00€ 27.00€
  • 200 micras 30.00€ 27.00€

Polenmaker Cristal

The Polenmaker Cristal is a simple yet high quality manual hash-shaker. It is designed to produce a t [...]

  • 37.00€ 33.30€

Pollinator P500

An incresing number of growers refuse to throw away the leaf debris from manicuring covered with resin glands, as well as the small b [...]

  • 760.00€

Pollinator replacement Drum

Pollinator P-500 and P-150 comes from the factory equipped with a drum of 150 mc. The Pollinator rechange drum is an extra drum equipped with a high quality mesh of [...]

  • Pollinator replacement Drum P-150 140.00€
  • P-500 225.00€

Pollinator P150

Cannabis resin extractions and separations are becoming more popular every day, since they allow us to take profit from the remains of our crop if we have the proper equipment. [...]

  • 550.00€

Pollinator P3000

Now with the P3000 Pollinator you can take full advantage of the small buds and trim leaves from your outdoor and indoor cultivation. This model, the big brother of the famou [...]

  • 2,300.00€

Pollinator Bottomless P150

It's never have been so easy to carry out your own Dry Sift cannabis extractions thanks to the Bottomless Pollinator P150, now available online in our cannabis ext [...]

  • 590.00€

Pollinator Bottomless P500

Dutch Hash Queen Mila's pioneering Pollinator Company presents the new Bottomless version of their famous machine for Dry Sift type cannabinoids extraction [...]

  • 890.00€

Extra drum for Pollinator P3000

Alchimia offers this spare drum for the Pollinator P3000 part, now available in our catalogue of material for [...]

  • 220μm 350.00€
  • 120μm 350.00€

DrFlwr replacement mesh

Renew the sieve drum of your DrFlwr Resin Extractor thanks to these replacement meshes available in different micron sizes. Replacement screen for DrFlwr [...]

  • 80 microns 79.00€
  • 200 microns 99.00€

Master Trimmer DRY 200

Alchimia presents MT Dry 200 by Master Products, an electric trimmer for dry cannabis plants and a Dry Hash extractor. It can process 3.5kg per hour. MR D [...]

  • 2,762.00€

Master Trimmer DRY 500

Alchimia presents MT Dry 500, a cannabis peeler by Master Products designed for medium-sized growers. It is a device of great precision an [...]

  • 6,460.00€
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