Hesi Boost 5L

Available in the Alchimiaweb nutrient catalogue, Hesi present their famous Boost, now in a 5L format, for even larger and tastier crops. Formulated for use during flowering, principally during the second week of 12/12 light schedule, Hesi Boost is a [...]

  • 87.06€ 56.59€

Hesi ClonFix

Alchimia invites you to discover ClonFix from Hesi, this is the ideal product for rooting clones and cuttings and it's available now in our online grow shop. Get a helping hand with propagation of clones with ClonFix, a viscous solution composed of [...]

  • 50ml15.06€ 9.79€

HESI Boost

The Bloom enhancer Hesi Boost is designed to give a boost to the plants when the flowers are being formed, encouraging the emergence of new sprouts and supplementing the nutrition of the plant. In this way, it ensures that the task will be accomplish [...]

  • 500ml16.46€ 10.70€
  • 1L (Out of stock)24.32€ 15.81€
  • 2.5L47.13€ 30.63€

HESI TNT Growth Complex for soil and Coco

Fertiliser for a fast growth of green plants cultivated in soil or coco. Promotes healthier growth of young and green plants. The HESI TNT growth complex encourages the formation of new plant cells and the development of chlorophyll. It activates th [...]

  • 500ml11.68€ 7.59€
  • 1L15.13€ 9.83€
  • 5L39.02€ 25.36€

Hesi PowerZyme 2,5L

Alchimia presents PowerZyme from Hesi, available here in a 2.5L bottle. Hesi PowerZyme is manufactured through natural fermentation and provides enzymes during the cultivation of cannabis plants. It helps stimulate root development while increasing [...]

  • 47.19€ 30.67€

HESI Bloom Complex for soil

The HESI Bloom Complex for soil contains vital substances that increase the energy of plants and ensure the health of the soil flora. Product manufactured with the most pure raw materials, free of non-digestible substances and without residues. Dosa [...]

  • 1 L15.00€ 9.75€
  • 5 L39.02€ 25.36€

HESI Growth Hydro

Special fertiliser for the growth of plants in hydroponic systems . HESI growth Hydro is enriched with vital substances that act on the growth of the plant, increasing the vital energy and ensuring the health of the soil flora. The product is manufa [...]

  • 1 L13.01€ 8.46€
  • 5 L30.86€ 20.06€

HESI Hydro Bloom

Hydro Bloom from HESI is enriched with vital substances that act on flowering. Hesi Bloom Complex fertilisers contain substances that increase the vital energy of plants and ensure the health of the soil flora.Product made with the purest raw materia [...]

  • 1 L13.01€ 8.46€
  • 5 L30.86€ 20.06€

HESI Coco - Growth and Flowering

COCO Growth and Glowering from HESI is enriched with vital substances of vegetable action for the growth and flowering of plants grown on coco substrate. It contains components that increase vital energy of plants and ensure the health of the soil fl [...]

  • 1 L15.13€ 9.83€
  • 5 L38.66€ 25.13€
UP TO 35%

HESI Root Complex

Root Complex from HESI is an elixir for strong root growth and healthier and more vital plants. It Improves the absorption of fertilisers and activates the bacteriological activity of the soil.DOSAGE: 50 ml per 10 litres of water. One liter for 200 [...]

  • 0.50 L23.59€ 15.33€
  • 1 L40.23€ 26.15€
  • 2,5 L69.55€ 45.21€
  • 5 L96.15€ 72.11€

HESI Phosphorus Plus soil -

Phosphorus Plus for soil, from HESI, is an EXTRA fertiliser to achieve quick results in flowering plants grown in soil. Why HESI Phosphorus Plus? During the flowering period, plants have a growing need for phosphorus and potassium. With the Bloom Co [...]

  • 1 L11.74€ 7.63€
  • 5 L33.09€ 21.51€

HESI PK 13/14 Hydro & Coco

Phosphorus and Potassium for plants in the flowering period grown on hydroponic systems and coco.During the flowering of the plant, the need for phosphorus and potassium increases. These substances are ensured with HESI PK 13-14 just in the right tim [...]

  • 1 L16.34€ 10.62€
  • 5 L65.34€ 42.47€

HESI Super Vit

25 vitamins and amino acids for plants. Extra energy in the growth and flowering period. Add Super Vit from HESI to the water. It strengthens flower and resin formation and activates growth and flowering hormones. For healthier plants and a better h [...]

  • 10 ml12.89€ 8.38€
  • 50 ml32.06€ 20.84€
  • 100 ml52.39€ 34.05€
UP TO 35%

HESI Powerzyme

Powerzyme from HESI is an enzyme extract for plants, obtained from natural fermentation. It stimulates root growth, increases the plant resistance, removes harmful compounds, activates beneficial microorganisms in the substrate and accelerates the ab [...]

  • 1 L21.90€ 14.24€
  • 5 L57.50€ 43.13€


HESI PH Plus is a product designed to raise the pH level of your nutrient solution if this falls below 5.5-6.5 (depending on development phase) It is made ??from potassium hydroxide 50%, should be dosed with caution, if necessary dropwise while with [...]

  • 1L14.46€ 8.68€

HESI pH Reducer - minus Bloom - 1 L

Concentrated salt solution to reduce the pH level of the water during the flowering period. HESI pH MINUS BLOOM 1 L does not harm the plants. 1 litre bottle. [...]

  • 16.03€ 10.42€

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