AlchimiaWeb's HeadShop is an essential section within our wide catalogue of products related to the cannabis world. With more than two decades of experience, AlchimiaWeb has established itself as a reference in the industry, offering a wide range of products in the HeadShop category.

AlchimiaWeb Headshop, from vaporisers to rosin presses

In this section we offer everything from the latest cannabis vaporisers, along with all kinds of accessories for greater personalisation, to all kinds of presses and resin extraction material. Among these you can find rosin presses, BHO extractors or resin extraction devices with ice.

Headshop section with paraphernalia, parapharmacy and cosmetics

Furthermore, smokers will find a selection of pipes, bongs and grinders, while those interested in cannabis parapharmacy and cosmetics can find therapeutic and nutritional products.

Concealment products, anti-odour and camouflage bags ensure consumers' discretion and safety. You can also find cannabis edibles, gifts and paraphernalia, and a selection of books and DVD's for those interested in expanding their cannabis knowledge.

In summary, the AlchimiaWeb HeadShop is a place of reference for cannabis consumers looking for quality products and a complete experience.

Featured products in Headshop


From 3.15€ 3.50€

Magnum Detox Instant Flush

34.00€ 40.00€

Screeny Weeny synthetic urine bag
High Voltage cleaner

From 22.50€

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