Stash cans and containers

Sometimes you want to keep something secret and you need some type of safe to store it and provide extra privacy.

Here you'll find an extensive line of stash cans, diversion safes and containers with secret compartments of all types, from soda cans to a large number of everyday objects line batteries, hair brushes or screwdrivers.

In this way, you can keep your valuables - jewelry, documents, money, etc. - in a safe place and protected from prying eyes.

Featured products in Stash cans and containers

Featured offers Stash cans and containers

Electrical battery with compartment
Weekkies bags

2.70€ 4.50€

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Tuna Stash tins - permanent closure

Tuna Stash tins - permanent closure

Ø:6cm x 3,5 cm +1 white plastic lid

1.20€ 2.00€

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Dog Food Stealthy Stash Bags

1.10€ 1.90€

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Dog Food Stealthy Stash Bags

0.90€ 1.50€

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Cat Food Stealthy Stash Bags

1.30€ 1.90€

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Odour-proof Bag Insert by Abscent

Alchimia invites to you to discover this clever and efficient solution to transport your weed with full discretion, the Bag Insert by Ascent. This relatively large volume bag is ideal for use inside a backpack or hold-all. Designed to be tough and d [...]

  • (Out of stock)110.00€

LED Lightbulb 20w Stash Can

Now available at Alchimia the 20w LED stash lamp, with a fully functional light bulb with an integrated secret compartment. This compartment measures 10cm deep and 5.5cm in diameter, roomy enough to keep your money, jewelry or stash some of our cann [...]

  • 46.00€ 36.80€

Chips Stash Can presents an ingenious tool, designed to protect your valuables, in the form of a potato chips can with a secret compartment. Just unscrew the bottom cap to access the space of 5 cm in diameter and about 12 cm long, sealed with a scre [...]

  • Yellow (Out of stock)23.00€
  • green (Out of stock)28.00€
  • Red (Out of stock)28.00€

Cola stash can with compartment - Black

Now available in Alchimiaweb, this can with a secret compartment inside mimics a popular cola without sugars, so you can keep away unwelcome glances on your personal stuff, your marihuana or your resins. It is made with real recycled cans, perfectly [...]

  • 12.50€

Blue cola drink stash can

Can of cola drink with a camouflaged gap, which will be of great help hiding personal stuff or cannabis. In this way we can gain peace of mind, being confident that they will be away from undesirables, and completely unnoticed. To access the interna [...]

  • 14.00€

Tuna Stash tins - permanent closure

Check out this Tuna-style Stash Tin with permanent closure, now available online in our Head Shop at Alchimia. This fake can will allow you to store up to 5 grams of cannabis flowers, and is totally discreet, passing completely unnoticed due to its [...]

  • Ø:7,5cm x 2 cm1.70€ 1.00€
  • Ø:7,5cm x 2 cm +1 black plastic lid (Out of stock)1.85€
  • Ø:6cm x 3,5 cm +1 white plastic lid2.00€ 1.20€

Abscent The Banker

Abscent presents The Banker, the discreet smell-proof pouch that's specially designed to hide the odours released by cannabis thanks to its high quality design incorporating multiple layers of activated charcoal. Designed in USA, The Banker is tough [...]

  • Ballistic Black (Out of stock)30.00€
  • Camouflage (Out of stock)32.50€

Dutch Beer Stash Can

Beer can with a secret compartment.This can will allow us to hide small objects or jewelry, in addition to your buds, making sure that they will not be available to everyone and away from public view.The hidden compertment is shown when unscrewing th [...]

  • (Out of stock)12.50€
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Cat Food Stealthy Stash Bags

These stealthy stash bags are designed to perfectly imitate dry cat food packaging, and will allow you to store your precious herbs away from prying eyes and because they're air-tight and light-proof it will be stored in the best possible conditions. [...]

  • Small - 400g1.50€ 0.90€
  • Large - 800g1.90€ 1.30€

Dog Food Stealthy Stash Bags

Alchimia offers these anti-odour stash bags disguised as bags of dog feed, to keep your herbs in optimal condition and remain completely unnoticed. All the ingredients and information printed on the package matches what you'd find on conventional do [...]

  • Small - 400g1.50€ 0.90€
  • Large - 800g1.90€ 1.10€

Cleanu Anti-Paranoia Pack - Underpants with Secret Pocket

Here at Alchimia we in his catalog the Cleanu Anti-Paranoia Pack Underpants, offering a special hiding place near the genitals, it is ideal to hide your most valuable possessions, being the only place that cannot be checked during a search. These bo [...]

  • 15.00€

Monster Energy can with compartment

Monster Energy can with hidden compartment inside. Designed for the safe keeping of personal items, money or jewelry as well as your marijuana , allowing you to rest easy in the knowledge that your precious items will not fall into the hands of unde [...]

  • 18.50€ 14.80€

Abscent Pocket Protector

Alchimia presents the smell-proof Pocket Protector pouch developed by Abscent to conceal the powerful odours given off by our cannabis buds or extracts. Designed in the USA and manufactured in North America from quality materials, this handy pocket- [...]

  • Black (Out of stock)19.00€
  • Camouflage (Out of stock)23.00€
  • Midnight (Out of stock)23.00€
  • Ballistic Black (Out of stock)23.00€

Cola bottle with compartment

Bottle of cola with a compartment inside. Perfect for storing personal items or jewelry, as well as marijuana, to avoid it falling into unwanted hands. The compartment is revealed by opening the two halves of the bottle, attached by flanges in the [...]

  • 29.00€ 23.20€

No Signal Anti-tracking mobile case

Alchimia Grow Shop is happy to present this Faraday Bag that neutralises frequencies, preventing the phone from transmitting or receiving any type of signal, guaranteeing us complete security at our cannabis grow. These covers are designed to block [...]

  • 11 x 15.5 cm24.00€
  • 8 x 12.5 cm24.00€
  • 9.5cm x 18cm (Out of stock)25.00€

Electrical battery with compartment

Battery with a secret compartment and a twist-off lid. This tool hides its transport function, mimicking a battery. Plastic coated, made from metal, and hollow, its screw cap will make sure that smell is never a problem. Electrical Battery compar [...]

  • LR14 - C3.50€ 2.25€

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