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DaVinci IQ2 Vaporiser. Alchimia video tutorial

The DAVINCI brand has released the new version of its IQ portable cannabis vaporiser, the new DaVinci IQ2 and in this Alchimia tutorial we’ll see how it has evolved, as well as how to use it. Th [...]

Selecting a Mother plant – Part 3: SEXING PLANTS. Alchimia video tutorial

This is the 3rd in our series of video tutorials on “Selecting a Mother plant”. On this occasion we’ll focus on the process of sexing the plants, with the objective of separating the [...]

Selecting a Mother plant – Part 2: CLONING. Alchimia video tutorial

In this, the 2nd in the “Selecting a Mother” series of Alchimia tutorial videos, we focus on asexual reproduction techniques. We explain how to select new mother from clones (cuttings) tha [...]

DAB Bubbler Water Pipe. Alchimia video tutorial

How do we consume Rosin extractions? Here we present a tutorial on how to use a water pipe or electric nail, using the cannabis concentrates from our own homegrown harvest. Without a doubt, the Bubble [...]

SUBSTRATE Mixing amendments. Alchimia video tutorial

In this Alchimia tutorial we prepare a mix of soil amendments to make the best substrate for an indoor home grow space. Whether we grow indoors or outdoors, using a good substrate is a crucial if we a [...]

ROSIN 2.0 Cannabis extraction. Alchimia video tutorial

Marihuana extracts are becoming more and more popular in the cannabis community. Today we’ll see the best techniques for making Rosin cannabinoid extractions from our homegrown harvest. We talk [...]

Cloning Genetics 3: Final transplant & switch to flowering. Alchimia video tutorial

Here we have the 3rd and final video in our series of Alchimia tutorials called “Cloning Genetics”. Now we’re at the last part of the process of cloning genetics, we’ll show yo [...]

Cloning genetics 2: Rooting & transplant. Alchimia video tutorial

This is the 2nd part of our Alchimia tutorial “Cloning Genetics”, in which we explain the necessary details to properly transplant once our Cannabis clones have rooted. Alchimia Growing H [...]

Cloning genetics 1: Pruning and clones. Alchimia video tutorial

This is the first in a series of Alchimia tutorials about “Cloning genetics”. In this video we’ll explain how to take clones from our favourite Cannabis genetics, with special attent [...]

Selecting a Mother plant – Part 1: GERMINATION. Alchimia video tutorial

This is the first in a series of Alchimia tutorials where we will show you the necessary steps to select a good Mother plant, from Regular seeds. In this first video we will focus on germination. Alc [...]

Gpen Connect - Electronic Nail for Bubblers. Alchimia video tutorial

We present the new GPEN Connect electronic nail. G Pen is a vaporiser brand aimed at consumers of cannabis resin concentrates. The GPEN Connect portable e-nail is innovative, efficient and easy to use [...]

OTTO Automatic Grinder/Roller. Tutorial video

Here at we present this revolutionary new automatic OTTO Grinder/Rolling Machine, from Banana Bros. The OTTO Automatic Grinder/Roller, which has Artificial Intelligence, perfectly gri [...]

Volcano HYBRID vaporiser. Tutorial video

Alchimia videotutorial in which we present the “new” Volcano HYBRID tabletop vaporiser from the prestigious brand Storz & Bickel, with a detailed explanation of its operation and the u [...]

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Biotonex F1 by Cannaboom is a powerful concentrated bloom booster. It is ideal to apply it from the 3rd flowering week until the 6th [...]

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