Herborizer Mini Closed Loop BHO Extractor. Tutorial video

Closed-loop systems allow cleaner BHO-type cannabis oil extractions, thanks to the elimination of mystery oil. In this Alchimia video tutorial we show you, step by step, how to carry out a homemade extraction Read more

Substrates and culture Additives for Marijuana. Tutorial Video

From our facilities at Alchimiaweb we present this new video tutorial in which we talk about the different types of substrates for the self-cultivation of cannabis plants, with the additives contained Read more

Flowermate Hybrid X Vaporiser. Tutorial video

The new Flowermate Hybrid X is a versatile vaporiser, the ideal solution to vaporise cannabis in its different forms. A hybrid vaporiser that serves to vaporise all types of marijuana: herbs, resins, essences Read more

Boundless CF Hybrid Vaporiser. Tutorial video

The new Boundless CF Hybrid vaporiser is the perfect solution to vaporise cannabis in all its different forms: flowers, concentrates and also e-liquids. Here at Alchimia we invite you to discover the Read more

Components for a cannabis grow tent. Tutorial video

How are the different elements distributed in a cannabis grow tent? How do they work and how do we assemble them? in this Alchimia video tutorial you’ll see the complete installation of a good indoor Read more

Policies Against Pain. Interview with Manuel Guzmán

On 18 September 2017 at the CaixaForum in Madrid experts, politicians and patients met to discuss together the regulation of medicinal cannabis in the "Policies against Pain” seminar organised by Read more

Alchimia interviews Augusto Vitale at ExpoGrow 2017

At the Caixa Box Forum of the ExpoGrow 2017 in Irún we met with Augusto Vitale, a psychologist, psychoanalyst and member of IRCCA (Institute of Regulation and Control of Cannabis) in Uruguay. Here Read more

Alchimia interviews Guillermo Moreno at ExpoGrow 2017

In the space set aside for the Cannabis Box Forum at this past Expogrow 2017 in Irún we interviewed Guillermo Moreno, pharmacologist, neuroscientist, who since 2008 has been in the USA obtaining Read more

Vídeo ExpoGrow 2017 Alchimiaweb & Philosopher Seeds

We present you here our video on the 6th edition of Expogrow Irun, which was held during the 15, 16 and 17 September 2017. As always, we had our booth in the fair, this time shared with our friends from Read more

TopSpin Medusa 12 dripper system. Tutorial Video

How do we install a Top Spin drip irrigation system? In this Alchimia video we present the Top Spin Medusa system with 12 drippers, a practical solution for automatic watering in cannabis cultivation. Among Read more

Futurola Rolling Machine. Tutorial video

In this new Alchimia video tutorial we’ll show you how to use the Futurola Rolling Machine. The Futurola has for a long time been the most effective rolling machine on the market, producing perfect, Read more

Linx Hypnos Zero vaporizer. Tutorial video

In this Alchimia video tutorial we’ll show you how to use the new Linx Hypnos Zero electronic vaporiser from the Linx Vapor brand, which is now available online at You’ll Read more

Linx Ares vaporizer. Tutorial video

The Linx Vapor brand offers an original and alternative way to vaporise cannabis concentrates with their new “Nectar Collector” style electronic vaporiser LINX ARES, conserving all the natural Read more

Arizer SOLO II vaporizer. Tutorial video

The Canadian brand Arizer has created the Arizer SOLO II, a new robust and compact portable vaporiser, that stands out for its quality and the duracion of its battery, offering up to 3 hours continuous Read more

Neutralizer Road Kit. Tutorial video

In certain situations the smell of cannabis in the car can give us away, The Neutralizer Road Kit is the definitive solution for eliminating the odours that can be left behind, and in this Alchimia video Read more

Pro Tube cooltube Reflector. Tutorial Video

In this Alchimia video tutorial we show you how to install a Highpro ProTube reflector, with its tubular shape designed to reduce the heat produced by the bulb in indoor cannabis home-growing situations. The Read more

Cool Tube reflector. Tutorial Video

Alchimia video tutorial for the Cool Tube reflector from Prima Klima, in which we will explain how to connect and install this type of reflector, ideal for indoor grow spaces with high temperatures. The Read more

Iolite Wispr E vaporiser. Tutorial Video

We present this new Alchimia Video Tutorial for the first electric vaporiser from the IOLITE brand, the Wispr E. Until now, the principal characteristic of IOLITE’s vaporisers was that they worked Read more