Cloning Genetics 3: Final transplant & switch to flowering. Alchimia video tutorial

Here we have the 3rd and final video in our series of Alchimia tutorials called “Cloning Genetics”. Now we’re at the last part of the process of cloning genetics, we’ll show you how to carry out the final transplant of our rooted Cannabis clones or cuttings, to take them through to the end of flowering.

Alchimia Growing Happiness

In the previous videos we showed you how to prune your mothers, to cut clones and to start growing them. In today’s video we’ll show you how to carry out the final transplant before they go into flower.

Look how the clones we put in here the other day have grown, and some a lot more than others.

Yeah, some have done really well.

This is the size that we like to put into flower. Of course, if you have more space you can let them grow a bit more.

The most important factor is the height in relation to the lamp.

Since we took the clones out of the propagator and planted them in these 1.4L pots, we’ve been alternating irrigations, one with just water and the next with growth nutrients and root stimulator. Now we’ll do the final transplant.

When we transplant we don’t give fertiliser, because we want the roots to grow and eat for themselves. We don’t want to make it too easy for them.

We’re going to use: Micorrizas that you’ve already seen, root stimulator that we’ll use until the flowering phase (and that you’ve also seen before) and these fabric pots call AlchiPot or SmartPot.

… or Smart Pots. This pot will give a great balance between moist and dry substrate.

Clean the scissors well, because we’re going to prune the lower branches before the transplant. This will make sure that the lower branches won’t get in the way when we water, and leave more strength and energy for the upper branches, which is what we want.

Pour around 2-3cm of soil in the base of the pot. With that prepared, apply the micorrizas. With a gentle motion, very softly…

As you can see, the roots could have colonised more soil but we need to transplant now due to space restrictions.

Any of these 3 pots would be fine for the growth stage. Remember that the smaller the pot, the more frequently you’ll need to irrigate and fertilise.

Settle it in, press down a little, and keep filling… we like these fabric pots a lot, because they air-prune the roots naturally which leads to better colonisation of the substrate.

Let’s see Maria, stand up, we can’t see you.Well, there we are. To the flowering room!

We’ll keep our girls under Metal Halide lamps, or “blue” light, for 2 more weeks. The 1st week at 18h so they acclimatise after the transplant and the 2nd week at 12h to avoid stretching.

Also with “blue” light and then we’ll change to Sodium.

Well, I’ve got the deposit ready with root stimulator, so I’m going to water…

We must water generously after transplanting.

If you have any problems with your plants like pests, insects, mould… you should check our Blog. Just go to our website and click the “Cannabis Growing guide”.

Until next time!


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