Biobizz Microbes

Alchimia presents Microbres by Biobizz, a product to add life to your substrate, containing non-mycorrhizal microorganisms. Now available in our catalogue of boosters for cannabis growing indoors and outdoors. What is in Biobizz Microbes? Biobizz M [...]

  • 150ml84.70€ 67.76€

Biobizz Acti-Vera

Acti-Vera from Biobizz has been formulated from aloe vera plants grown in Curazao, being a top-quality plant stimulator for our marijuana crops. It is then extracted from plants and developed for plants, being 100% vegan. Is has anti-bacterial, deto [...]

  • 250ml7.98€ 6.38€
  • 1L24.92€ 19.94€

Biobizz Try-pack Indoor

Biobizz opts for the renovation and thus modifies its packs; now are called Try-pack, and they are specifically designed for different growing methods. In this case, we talk about the Try-pack Indoor, which includes three products that will be usefu [...]

  • 18.08€ 14.46€

Starters Pack - Biobizz

Biobizz presents their Starters Pack, a set of 100% organic fertilisers and stimulators perfect to help you begin the adventure of growing your own cannabis plants in the most natural way possible. With Starters Kits, Biobizz offer the chance to eas [...]

  • 75.15€ 60.12€

Biobizz Try-pack Outdoor

Biobizz has changed its image, and with it, their packs; they are now called Try-pack, and they are specifically prepared for different growing methods. We talk about the Try-pack Outdoor, which contains three products that, in combination, will be [...]

  • 18.08€ 14.46€

Biobizz Root Juice

Biobizz Root Juice, is a 100% plant-based root stimulator, which ensures the microbiological strimulation around the root system of plants and promotes explosive growth of the roots. Biobizz Root Juice accelerates the intake of nutrients, promotes a [...]

  • 250 ml15.77€ 12.62€

Biobizz Bio Grow

Biobizz Bio Grow is a liquid growth fertiliser that promotes lush growth and can be used in almost all soil types. Biobizz Bio Grow is a fertiliser and a substrate activator, and can be used in automated watering systems. Bio Grow can also be used a [...]

  • 1 L12.17€ 9.74€
  • 5 L53.66€ 42.93€

Biobizz Fish Mix

Biobizz Fish Mix has always been a close friend of organic growers because it conditions the soil, stimulating microbial activity and accelerating the growth of the plant. Biobizz Fish Mix also can be used as a foliar tonic, diluting it in water. [...]

  • 250 ml4.75€ 3.80€
  • 1 L12.17€ 9.74€
  • 5 L51.51€ 41.21€
UP TO 45%

Biobizz Bio Bloom

Biobizz Bio Bloom is a complete liquid organic fertiliser used during the flowering period of the plants. It contains natural minerals, micronutrients, amino acids and hormones of vegetable origin to ensure an exuberant flowering. Biobizz Bio Bloom [...]

  • 250 ml4.65€ 2.56€
  • 1 L13.26€ 10.61€
  • 5 L55.79€ 44.63€

Biobizz Algamic

Biobizz Algamic is a stimulant made from organic, cold pressed seaweed concentrate, which provides a range of micro-nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and hormones of vegetable origin. Either used in regular irrigation or sprayed on the leaves, Biobiz [...]

  • 1 L17.25€ 13.80€
  • 5 L64.54€ 51.63€

Biobizz Leaf Coat

Leaf Coat strengthens your plants against pests and moulds.Biobizz fertilisers are specially developed for growers who particularly care about the environment. These products can be used indoors and outdoors in all kinds of plants, vegetables, herbs, [...]

  • 500 ml10.75€ 8.60€
UP TO 45%

Top MAX de BioBizz

BioBizz TOP MAX is a 100% organic flowering stimulator, which activates cell production and increases flower development. TOP MAX increases the molecular carriage of sugars, which means bigger buds and a softer and sweeter flavour of the final produ [...]

  • 250 ml9.30€ 5.12€
  • 500 ml16.24€ 12.99€
  • 1 L30.95€ 24.76€
  • 5 L126.62€ 101.30€

Biobizz Bio Heaven

Biobizz Bio Heaven is a concentrated energy enhancer for plants, specially formulated and containing carefully selected biological stimulants such as amino acids. Amino acids are a basic component in the development of proteins and enzymes that are [...]

  • 500 ml43.35€ 34.68€

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