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Alchimia presents Bio Up by Biobizz, a 100% organic product intended to increase the pH of our irrigation solution.

Bio Up, increases the pH in a 100% organic way

Biobizz Bio Up helps to increase the pH value of our nutrient solution. It is composed of humic acids from natural sources. It can raise the pH value with no risk for the plant and in a simple way. A correct pH guarantees that the plants absorb all the nutrients available in the substrate.

Bio Up, respectful of the substrate microorganisms

Biobizz pH Up is a product designed for organic agriculture, so it is respectful of the substrate microorganisms, guaranteeing a totally organic cultivation from start to finish (from seed to harvest). Bio Up can be used in all irrigations and in all plant stages.

How to apply Biobiz Bio Up:

After preparing the irrigation water solution with all the necessary nutrients, the pH is measured. Using 0.1ml of Bio Up, the pH value increases 0.1points. Add the product and stir for at least 10 seconds, and measure again with the pH meter.

The optimal pH value for the cultivation is between 6.2 and 6.5

Biobizz Bio Up info:

  • Formulated based on humic acids
  • Suitable for all types of substrates (soil, coconut and hydro)
  • Can be used in manual or automatic irrigation
  • 0.1ml of Bio Down is required to increase the pH 0.1 points

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Properties of Biobizz Bio-UpBio Up

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