pH & EC Management

Water pH and EC of are two of the most important factors to consider in hydroponics. Carefully checking and adjusting these values avoids nutritional problems and highly improves yields.

pH indicates the level of water acidity/alkalinity, which is directly related to nutrient uptake. The ideal pH for cannabis is between 5.5 and 7. Many nutrients can't be correctly absorbed if the pH value is not accurate, thus resulting in problems and poor yields.

EC indicates the level of water conductivity (the amount of salts). Obviously, the more nutrients used the higher the EC value will be. Desirable EC values for cannabis range between 0.60 and 2.00 mS.

With brands like GHE or Milwaukee, we offer here a wide range of pH and EC meters, from manual to continuous meters, as well as automatic pH controllers. You'll also find calibration, cleaning and storing solutions for the maintenance of your meters, also to increase or decrease the pH of your water or nutrient solution.

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T.A. pH - (formerly GHE's Ph Down®)

We have found a means to regulate the pH that also has other benefits, in addition to the balanced mixture of acids. We have incorporated organic buffers into the product in order [...]

  • 500 ml 7.00€ 6.65€
  • 1L 12.00€

Milwakee Ph test

The Milwaukee Basic pH meter guarantees a fast, accurate and reliable measurement of the pH of your water or nutrient solution when growing cannabis plants. It is an easy a [...]

  • 39.00€ 35.10€
UP TO 20%

Biobizz Bio Down

Bio Down by Biobizz is a totally organic pH reducer. It is suitable for all cultivation stages and media types. Bio Down, 100% organic pH reducer Biobizz Bio Down [...]

  • 500 ml 12.00€ 9.60€
  • 1 L 20.90€ 16.70€
  • 5L 88.50€
  • 10L 169.15€

GHE pH Tester - Liquid

GHE pH Tester - Liquid will make plants grow better. It is important that the pH of the nutrient solution is slightly acid: 5.5 to 6.5 is considered ideal. It contains pH r [...]

  • 6.50€ 6.15€

Calibration solution EC - 1413 - 20 ml

Handy 20ml sachets of 1413 solution to calibrate your digital EC meter. Get used to maintaining these meters, as calibrated in this way you ensure an accurate EC me [...]

  • 1.49€
UP TO 20%

Biobizz Bio-UpBio Up

Alchimia presents Bio Up by Biobizz, a 100% organic product intended to increase the pH of our irrigation solution. Bio Up, increases the pH in a 100% org [...]

  • 500 ml 11.15€ 8.90€
  • 1L 18.25€
  • 5L 82.00€
  • 10L 160.90€

PH Calibration Liquid Kit Milwaukee

Milwaukee pH calibration liquids kit includes two sachets (4.01 and 7.01) to calibrate the pH meter. Calibration liquids are necessary when getting a [...]

  • 2.98€ 2.68€

HESI pH Reducer - minus Bloom - 1 L

Concentrated salt solution to reduce the pH level of the water during the flowering period. HESI pH MINUS BLOOM 1 L does not harm the plants. [...]

  • 15.60€ 11.70€

B.A.C Ph Down

Alchimia presents BAC pH Down, a product for adjusting the pH level in the nutritive solution in order to obtain the best results from our [...]

  • 1L 12.00€ 10.20€

Probe Cleaning solution

The Milwaukee probe cleaning solution is a liquid cleaner made exclusively for the maintenance of the electrodes on pH [...]

  • 20 ml 1.59€

Calibration solution pH - 7.01 - 20 ml

Suitable for calibrating pH meters which have a calibration point of 7.01. Dip the probe into the sachet and wait a few seconds, and then you can calibrate and mar [...]

  • 1.49€

Calibration solution EC - 1.413 - 230 ml

1.413 solution to calibrate your meter's digital EC comes in 230 ml containers, which guarantees you a supply of calibration fluid for some t [...]

  • 230 ml 12.50€ 11.85€

Milwaukee EC Test

This Milwaukee basic EC meter is an economical, easy to use and reliable tester allowing us to measure the [...]

  • 39.00€ 31.20€

Probe cleaning solution - 230 ml

The probe cleaning solution comes in 230 ml bottles. Each one has its expiration date for maximum product safety. [...]

  • 12.50€ 11.85€

Torus Hydro PerfectpH Inline Edition regulator

Alchimia Grow Shop presents PerfectpH Inline Edition Regulator by Torus Hydro, a revolutionary and innovative system for pH stabilisation of the nutrient solution [...]

  • 133L 188.50€ 160.20€
  • 266 L 225.00€ 191.25€

Milwaukee PH and EC Meter Case

For growers who want full control over their cannabis cultivation, Alchimia offers you the Milwaukee pH and EC meter case. This case contains the e [...]

  • 110.00€

PH probe storage solution - 230 ml

For proper maintenance of pH probes, between uses, the use of this storage solution which has been specially formulated for this purpose, is recommended. It extends the lif [...]

  • 12.50€ 11.85€

TRABE Citric acid - 1 L

Citric acid is a natural Ph corrector, and in addition to being used to control pH in nutrient solutions, it can also be used for cleaning ducts or water pipes. [...]

  • 23.51€ 17.60€

Milwaukee ECO Basics PH + EC with case

Now available in Alchimia Grow Shop the basic pH and Ec meter kit from Milwaukee, with their respective user guides and a protection case made of rigid plastic for a longer life an [...]

  • PH600 + CD611 75.00€ 71.25€

Bluelab Truncheon EC meter

Alchimia presents Bluelab Trucheon EC Meter, a professional analogue electro conductivity meter. An easy to use and maintain device that provides a quick and relia [...]

  • 124.90€

T.A pH+

Terra Aquatica pH+ - 1 L is used to raise the pH, it is very helpful for growers who use water that is demineralised or has passed through an osmosis filter. [...]

  • 1L 12.00€ 11.40€


HESI PH Plus is a product designed to raise the pH level of your nutrient solution if this falls below 5.5-6.5 (depending on development phase) [...]

  • 1L 10.95€ 8.75€

Milwaukee EC Wall Monitor

The Milwaukee EC monitor is a professional wall-mounted meter that gives fast, reliable and continuous readings of the [...]

  • 117.00€ 105.30€

Milwaukee pH Wall Monitor

he Milwaukee pH Monitor is a professional wall-mounted meter that gives fast, reliable and continuous readings of the [...]

  • 110.00€ 99.00€

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