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Torus Hydro PerfectpH Inline Edition regulator

Alchimia Grow Shop presents PerfectpH Inline Edition Regulator by Torus Hydro, a revolutionary and innovative system for pH stabilisation of the nutrient solution tank or running water. This system maintains a stable pH automatically, fluctuating be [...]

  • 133L188.50€ 131.95€
  • 266 L225.00€ 157.50€

Bluelab Truncheon EC meter

Alchimia presents Bluelab Trucheon EC Meter, a professional analogue electro conductivity meter. An easy to use and maintain device that provides a quick and reliable reading of cannabis fertilisers added in the nutrient solution. This device is desi [...]

  • 95.00€ 76.00€

Torus Hydro Perfect PH Refill Solution 500ml presents PerfectPH Torus Hydro 500ml Refill Solution, ideal for recalibrating the PerfectPH Inline Edition regulator and other pH regulators from this manufacturer. PerfectPH 500ml Refill Solution, restore your Torus Hydro pH regulat [...]

  • 70.00€ 49.00€

Milwaukee MW100 portable pH meter

The Milwaukee MW100 portable pH meter is the perfect companion for cannabis growers. It is ideal in indoor gardening when using a hydroponic growing system or growing in soil, as well as in outdoor gardening. A great tool for cannabis growers that wa [...]

  • 95.00€ 80.75€

Milwaukee MC740 EC controller with dosing pump

Milwaukee MC740 EC meter with dosing pump is a set of devices that automatically measure and maintain the nutrient solution in hydroponic growing systems, whether they are in closed cycle or recirculation systems as well as flood to drain. The equip [...]

  • 210.00€ 178.50€

Replacement pH Probe MA991B1 for Milwaukee MC110T

This MA991B/1 replacement probe for the Milwaukee MC100T meter is the original spare part for this pH meter. The probes are durable and resistant but like all things it will eventually come to the end of its useful life, obliging us to replace the p [...]

  • 80.00€ 68.00€

Milwaukee Combo PH and EC meter MW802

Alchima proudly present the Milwaukee Combo pH/EC meter, the perfect companion for cultivators using hydroponic growing systems, whether in coconut, hydro, aero or DWS. Also for those who want to fully control the plants nutrition in conventional gro [...]

  • 210.00€ 189.00€

Milwaukee Combo pH EC TDS TEMP Sharp MW803

The Milwaukee MW803 Combo pH/EC/TDS/TEMP meter is a small sized portable tester equipped with automatic temperature compensation. This very simple and intuitive meter can be used by simply removing the probe protector and turning it on pressing the [...]

  • 169.90€ 144.42€

Milwaukee Mi60P probe

MI60P Replacement Combo Probe for Milwaukee MW803 is the original spare piece for this portable pH and EC meter. These probes are durable and resistant, yet have a limited service life. It is important, when necessary, to replace the probe with a new [...]

  • for MW803 meter80.00€ 68.00€


It is crucial to regulate the pH level of the irrigation water or the nutrient solution used to irrigate our plants. The plant's capacity to absorb nutrients depends on this to a great extent. With pH levels that are too acidic or too alkaline the ro [...]

  • 9.50€
  • 1,25L12.50€

Milwaukee EC MW302 Test

The Milwaukee EC MW302 meter is a portable, high quality device, operating with a 9 volt battery. It has a 1m probe cable to immerse in your irrigation tanks. With this we can monitor and control the electroconductivity parameters of the nutrient sol [...]

  • 105.00€ 84.00€

Milwaukee PH MW100T Test

Available now at Alchimiaweb, the Milwaukee MW100 pH substrate meter fitted with the MA991B/1 probe. This tester is an ideal complement for growers who use soil as a substrate in their crops, and organic or mineral cannabis fertilizers. The substrate [...]

  • with the MA991B/1 probe120.00€ 108.00€

Milwaukee ECO Basics PH + EC with case

Now available in Alchimia Grow Shop the basic pH and Ec meter kit from Milwaukee, with their respective user guides and a protection case made of rigid plastic for a longer life and a safer and more comfortable transport. With this meter kit you will [...]

  • PH600 + CD61175.00€ 63.75€

Milwakee Ph test

The Milwaukee Basic pH meter guarantees a fast, accurate and reliable measurement of the pH of your water or nutrient solution when growing cannabis plants. It is an easy and simple appliance to use and maintain. It is recommended to rinse the elect [...]

  • 39.00€ 27.30€

Milwaukee EC Test

This Milwaukee basic EC meter is an economical, easy to use and reliable tester allowing us to measure the EC (electrical conductivity) or the amount of dissolved salts in a liquid solution and thereby better manage plant feeding and balance the supp [...]

  • (Out of stock)39.00€ 27.30€

Flower Care Smart Monitor Xiaomi Huahuacaocao

Xiaomi introduces the Huahuacaocao Flower Care Smart Monitor Plant Controller, a handy tool for those who want to perfectly control moisture, temperature, EC and lighting, available now in the Alchimia catalogue. The Flower Care Smart Monitor is an [...]

  • 39.90€

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