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GHE pH Tester - Liquid

GHE pH Tester - Liquid will make plants grow better. It is important that the pH of the nutrient solution is slightly acid: 5.5 to 6.5 is considered ideal.

It contains pH regulatory elements that allow the nutrient solution to reach stability and remain stable.

For various reasons, this stability can be altered:

  • When it comes to poor quality water.
  • When the means have a stable pH, such as rock wool and some brands of clay pebbles.
  • When the growth rate of the plant is so high that the nutrient solution must be changed frequently, since the nutrients are absorbed very quickly by the plant.

The pH meter kit is perfect for easy testing. For the pH level of the nutrient solution, half-fill the test tube, adding 3 drops of indicator reagent. The resulting colour is compared to the small control card. More than 200 tests can be performed with one bottle.

The test is easy to use, reliable and cheap. It successfully replaces expensive electronic pH meters.

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Opinions about GHE pH Tester - Liquid and questions 2

27-02-2019-> Mukesh saini says:

i want to buy ph tester to buy

27-02-2019 -> Alchimia Grow Shop says:

Hi Mukesh,

To what country should it be delivered?



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