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Cultivating magic mushrooms or entheogenic fungi is a truly fascinating pastime, since it allows us to see how the spores go from being tiny black spots to large fungal bodies of white, brown and bluish tones, forming impossible structures, and at a vertiginous speed.

In fact, growing any type of plant is already something incredible in itself (especially if we talk about cultivating cannabis varieties), but nothing compares to the impressive developmental capacity of mushrooms, which undertake huge changes over a very short time, and it doesn't require a complex or expensive installation either.

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You can start from the prefabricated mushroom cakes, based on grain inoculated with Psilocybe Cubensis mycelium, or, choose the spores of the variety that you like, and make cake at home, with grain or using your preferred technique.

You can even generate and maintain a reserve of live mycelium in permanent growth using Mycomate, a complex of nutrients designed to germinate the spores and feed the mycelium, which allows you to extract small amounts of it when you want to inoculate a cake, without having to use spores again .

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So, whether you want to start out in this world, or if you already have advanced knowledge in the field, you can enjoy the mycology from the comfort of your home in a simple way, thanks to the many options currently available on the market for cultivating your own hallucinogenic mushrooms (prepared mushroom cakes, mushroom grow kits, spores, vials and sterilized substrates...)

In this section of Alchimia Grow Shop we offer vials and prints of spores from a multitude of strains of magic mushrooms from around the world, so you can choose the ones that best suit your preferences, and you can feel like an true ethnobotanist.

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Mckennaii Spores Print

Mckennaii Spores Print is a product designed to inoculate a substrate. This variety is named after the famous philosopher Terence Mckenna, hallucinogenic mushrooms that stand out for their potency and rapid colonisation of the substrate by the mushro [...]

  • 19.30€

Golden Teacher Spores Print

Alchimia presents Golden Teacher Spores Print, ready to be used in inoculations. It is an easy cultivation and high production strain. The effects are not very powerful due to a psilocybin concentration that meets the parameters described as "average [...]

  • 19.30€

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Ecuador spores print - Magic mushrooms spores

We are glad to present Psilocybe Cubensis Ecuador Spore Print, millions of spores of this psycodelic mushroom stored in small envelopes, now available in our catal [...]

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