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    Now available in Alchimia Grow Shop, these spore vials of Psilocybe Cubensis B + by Mondo, designed to facilitate the cultivation of magic mushrooms for the most experienced users.

    These small glass jars are sealed with a rubber stopper, which functions as a syringe port.

    In this way, it allows us to prepare a multitude of syringes and inoculate several loaves, with the certainty that the rest of the vials contents will maintain all its properties before we use it.

    In addition, we can combine it with Mycomate culture liquid, a liquid nutrient solution that stimulates spore germination and mycelium formation.

    Thus, we will have mycelium in permanent growth, which we can extract to inoculate our homemade substrates or "mushbags" without having to wait for the spores to hatch each time, having a permanent mycelium reserve.

    The vial contains 10ml suspended spores of Psilocybe Cubensis B + strain, which stands out for creating large mushrooms, up to 30cm high, very robust, powerful and simple to grow.

    To use the vial, shake vigorously to homogenize the mixture of spores and water.

    Remove the protective cap and, using a wipe moistened with alcohol, sterilize the septum (the rubber cap that we found under the protective cap), and the needle of the syringe.

    Then carefully introduce the needle into the vial through the septum, and extract the desired amount of liquid, carefully removing the syringe.

    Characteristics of the spore vial B + Mondo:

    • Glass jar with 10ml of spores in solution
    • Sealed with a port for syringes, which facilitates extracting its contents in a sterile way
    • Allows preparation of several independent syringes in a simple way, inoculating different loaves
    • Contains a higher concentration of spores than a syringe (1000ppm vs 500ppm)
    • Glass storage extends the shelf life of spores up to 2 years
    • 3ml of solution is enough to inoculate 1L of substrate
    • Includes 2 wipes moistened with alcohol and a syringe

    Opinions about Mondo B+ spores vial and questions


    Jiggers 01-04-2023
    You ship to the united states

    Alchimia Staff

    Alchimia Grow Shop 03-04-2023

    Hello, we cannot ship to the USA. Best regards!

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