Mondo mycelium liquid culture vial

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Mondo mycelium liquid culture vials, designed to facilitate the cultivation of fungi, are now available at

These vials contain a nutritive solution that stimulates germination of the spores, in addition to the formation and development of the mycelium.

By using Mondo, we can always maintain a portion of live mycelium with which to inoculate our homemade mushroom loaves, without having to germinate spores each time, and at the same time accelerating the colonisation process of our magic mushroom growing kits.

To use this nutrient solution, we simply inject the bottle with 1ml of spores dissolved in water, from a vial or a syringe, and shake it once a day to homogenize the mixture.

Then we wait for around 14 days for the mycelium to develop inside, after which we can extract a small amount of it to inoculate more vials or to colonise mushroom loaves.

Mondo mycelium liquid culture vials info:

  • Nutrient solution for spore germination
  • Accelerates the formation of mycelium
  • It acts as a mycelium reservoir, allowing us to inoculate multiple vials or substrates
  • Available in 5 and 10ml vials

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