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Metrop Substrate Plus presents Metrop Substrate Plus, a product to enrich mineral organic substrate improving the structure and nutritional reserves of such cannabis substrates. Its formula is designed to be used with both peat and coconut, even with subs [...]

  • 3,5 Kg44.45€

AminoXtrem Metrop

Alchimiaweb presents here AminoXtreme from Metrop, a bio stimulator consisting of a complex of amino acids and phosphate for the growth and flowering stages of marijuana plants. AminoXtreme is a balanced complex made of free amino acids and chains o [...]

  • 250 ml29.19€
  • 1 L48.40€
  • 5L156.09€

Metrop Enzymes

Alchimia Grow Shop and Metrop present here the additive Enzymes, a plant supplement enriched with enzymes that stimulates the processes of marijuana plants enhancing their development. This bio catalyst regulates the chemical processes involved in t [...]

  • 250ml23.35€
  • 1L41.14€
  • 5L154.88€

Metrop Starter Set 1L

Metrop is a fertilizer manufacturer that develops highly concentrated liquid nutrients made from biological and biodegradable elements, what improves yields and enables vigorous growth in any growing media , either with soil or inert substrates. Wit [...]

  • 240.79€

Metrop 250 ml Starter Set

Metrop is a manufacturer of highly concentrated liquid fertilizers, bio-based and biodegradable to get lush crops and vigorous growth in any growing media such as soil, coconut fibers, rockwool ... With the 250ml Starter Set you can check by your ow [...]

  • 120.70€

Metrop Mam

Mam is a fertilizer designed for cannabis mother plants and cuttings with a 20-20-8 NPK ratio for optimal maintenance of plants without any kind of stress. It also includes a 27% of Kelpax, a South African seaweed rich innatural auxins, so we w [...]

  • 250 ml32.92€
  • 1L54.45€

Metrop Calgreen

Calgreen is a product designed for improving the vegetal structure of plants, making them more resistant and creating stronger molecular structures that result in an increase in resistance from attacks by fungi and insects, as the leafs and other par [...]

  • 250ml29.19€
  • 1L48.40€
  • 5L156.09€

Metrop Root+

Root+ from Metrop is a product formulated from top quality amino acids and vitamins obtained from plant extracts. It highly stimulates root development, reduces stress and enhances the segregation of hormones and enzymes. Now available in Alchimiaweb [...]

  • 250 ml29.19€
  • 1L48.40€
  • 5L156.09€

Metrop MR-1

MR-1 is a very concentrated liquid fertilizer for the growth phase. Its 10-40-20 NPK ratio is achieved with high quality raw materials, which allows using such high ratios without damaging the plant. Microelements have been also added in higher propo [...]

  • 250 ml29.19€
  • 1L48.40€
  • 5L156.09€

Metrop MR-2

MR2 is a 10-20-40 NPK flowering fertilizer with a concentration designed for an explosive flowering of the plants. The 40% potassium ratio, plus the cocktail of trace elements included guarantees a high production of flowers and trichomes, enhancing [...]

  • 250ml29.19€
  • 1L48.40€
  • 5L156.09€

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