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Root+ from Metrop is a product formulated from top quality amino acids and vitamins obtained from plant extracts. It highly stimulates root development, reduces stress and enhances the segregation of hormones and enzymes. Now available in Alchimiaweb.

This cocktail of benefitial elements promotes explosive growth and development of plants, making cannabis cultivation a lot easier. Roots, stems, leaves and new shoots develop more vigorously and abundantly.

It contains amino acids obtained by biosynthesis, which allows Metrop to accurately control the amount of each one and so formulate a perfectly balanced nutrient for each stage.

Each protein amino helix measures 700DA, in contrast to the 10.000DA of other commonly found organic fertilizers (we must remember that plant cells can only assimilate particles of up to 1500DA).

For these reasons, Root+ acts fast and efficiently, quickly recovering stressed plants.

Use daily during the first three weeks of growth.

Root+ from Metrop features:

  • Root booster rich in amino acids and vitamins
  • Recovers stressed plants quickly
  • Explosive root development
  • Increased resistance to diseases
  • Increased production of hormones and enzymes
  • Easy uptake. Does not contain heavy metals
  • NPK 2-2-0, contains micronutrients
  • Ammonium (N) 2.26%, water-soluble phosphorous (P) 2.04%, amino acids 0.10%, Glycine 800 mg/5L,Valine 40 mg/5L, Proline 350 mg/5L, Hydroxiproline 300 mg/5L, Alanine 350 mg/5L, Asparticzuur 680 mg/5L, Arginine 80 mg/5L,Glumaticzuur 225 mg/5L, Lysine 345 mg/5L, Leucine 50 mg/5L, Isoleucine 125 mg/5L, Phenylalanine 145 mg/5L, Methionine 25 mg/5L, Serine 140 mg/5L, Asparagine 125 mg/5L, Threonine 120 mg/5L, Cystine 85 mg/5L, Tyrosine 88 mg/5L, Histidine 102 mg/5L

Properties of Metrop Root+

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