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Root stimulators are supplements that promote stronger healthier and faster rooting in plants, which results in greater vegetative vigour, with plants developing earlier and with more vitality than without these stimulators.

As a general rule, they will normally contain a small amount of fertiliser, phosphorus as well as other macro and micro nutrients to serve as an extra source of energy. Ingredients such as amino acids, carbohydrates, kelp, natural hormones, cassava extracts, and many more components can be found in these specialist products formulated for cannabis cultivation.

The great majority of root stimulators are sold in liquid form which facilitates their application during the first phase of the plants' life, as they are usually used from just after germination until the second week of flowering.

They can be used both indoors and outdoors, indeed, when growing indoors they are even more recommendable to ensure a rapid vegetative development phase of the plant and thus be able to move on to the flowering period sooner.

Root stimulators are ideal to use with cannabis cuttings or clones as well as other vegetables, in which the roots always take longer to appear than the aerial part of the plant.

If we stimulate the roots of a cutting or seedling, it will always grow faster, which will also reduce the growing time and increase productivity, allowing plants to absorb a greater amount of nutrients in the flowering stage.

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Plagron Power Roots

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Fertiliser Kit Plagron Algae

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Biobizz Root Juice

From 11.80€ 15.77€

Canna Terra nutrient Kit

From 20.15€ 26.90€

Voodoo Juice

From 34.30€ 45.74€

CANNA Bio Rhizotonic

From 12.65€ 16.88€

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BAC Root Stimulator

From 36.40€ 42.83€

CANNA Bio Rhizotonic

From 12.65€ 16.88€

HESI Root Complex

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Deeper Undergrown

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Atami ATA Rootfast

Alchimia presents Atami ATA Rootfast, a root booster part of the ATA family by Atami. A product with fertilisers specially designed for all types of growers, and perfect for soil, coco or hydro. Atami ATA Rootfast, an explosive root growth ATA Root [...]

  • 500 ml18.15€ 13.60€
  • 1 L26.44€ 19.80€

Voodoo Juice

Voodoo Juice by Advanced Nutrients is a powerful microorganism cocktail that greatly enhances plant root growth and overall performance. The microbial life present in the soil establishes a series of symbiotic relationships between the microorganisms [...]

  • 500ml45.74€ 34.30€
  • 1L83.25€ 62.40€

Piranha Liquid

Alchimia presents Piranha by Advanced Nutrients, a complete cocktail of beneficial fungi intended for plants to reveal their full potential. The use of beneficial fungi in cultivation is becoming increasingly common thanks to the great results they o [...]

  • 500ml45.74€ 34.30€
  • 1L83.49€ 62.60€

Top Crop TriPack

Top Crop TriPack is a fertiliser kit intended to be used in the various plant stages, rooting, growth and flowering. The kit comprises three different products: Deeper Undergrown is a fertiliser formulated for the initial plant development, promoti [...]

  • 18.00€ 12.60€

Kit DualPart Complete - Terra Aquatica

Alchimia presents the Dualpart Complete Kit by Terra Aquatica, a set that includes a base fertiliser and all the necessary nutrients to complement the cultivation by promoting microorganisms, boosting roots and branches, etc. This kit is designed to [...]

  • 115.83€ 104.20€

Biomineral Fertilizer Kit - The Hype

The Hype Biomineral Kit is now available. In this kit we have added all the products of The Hype that create the perfect symbiosis for a crop with biomineral fertilizers. The products included in this kit are broken down below: THE HYPE Derdekea 500 [...]

  • (Out of stock)125.55€ 119.25€

Elite 91 Roots

Elite 91 Roots is a product formulated to stimulate the development of the plants and cuttings roots, thus maximize flower production. This product made in the US is very concentrated, and can produce more than 3780L of solution. It is now available [...]

  • 500 ml140.00€ 133.00€

Elite 91 Clones

Alchimia presents Clones by Elite 91, a rooting agent liquid formulated with a combination of high potency root inducing hormones. It is definitely a great choice for all those professional plant breeders. It is a leading product in the US. Elite 91 [...]

  • 473 ml (Out of stock)50.00€ 48.50€

CANNA Bio Rhizotonic

The most powerful root stimulantor for organic crops. Bio RHIZOTONIC from CANNA is a 100% natural root stimulant with biological certificate (OMRI). It is composed of several vitamins, including vitamin B1 and B2. CANNA Bio RHIZOTONIC favours the de [...]

  • 250ml16.88€ 12.65€
  • 1 L37.51€ 28.10€

Terra Power Vitamin & Enzyme Supplements Kit

Terra Power Vitamin & Enzyme Supplement Kit is a set of fertilisers conceived by Alchimiaweb as a complement to the basic nutrients used in our plants. It is a supplementation based on enzymes and vitamins that stimulate the substrate to enhance [...]

  • 87.74€ 78.95€

Terra Power Kit Root Help

Alchimia presents Terra Power Root Help Kit, a set of fertilisers conceived by Alchimiaweb aimed at improving the plants root system. This is based on specialised Terra Power products for this effect, creating an ideal synergy in the substrate so tha [...]

  • 211.06€ 189.95€

CANNA Rhizotonic

RHIZOTONIC from CANNA, is a potent root stimulator for cannabis plants. It promotes the development of roots, increases the resistance to diseases and stimulates the internal and external quality of the plant. RHIZOTONIC is used during the first wee [...]

  • 250 ml17.56€ 13.15€
  • 1 L38.20€ 28.65€
  • 5 L149.75€ 112.30€

Delta Uno

Delta Uno is a powerful root stimulator that can be used throughout the life cycle of your cannabis grow. It is easily absorbed by plants due to its vegetable origin. Delta Uno also strengthens plants to help them in stressful situations. Now availab [...]

  • 150 ml9.00€ 6.30€
  • 500 ml22.00€ 15.40€

Pro Organic Complete Kit - Terra Aquatica

Alchimia presents the Pro Organic Complete Kit by Terra Aquatica, a set of organic fertilisers and all the nutrient supplements to maximise your cultivation. Other Terra Aquatica kits are also available on our website, developed to save you from acq [...]

  • 130.77€ 117.65€

pH Perfect Sensi Grow Expert Grower Kit

The pH Perfect Expert Grower nutrient kit is designed for growers who want to take their cultivation to the next level, and includes various products to give plants better growth and a greater capacity to produce higher yields of bigger, tastier and [...]

  • 289.41€ 217.06€


Atami presents RootBastic, a high quality root stimulator now available in our online grow shop at! Use Rootbastic in your cannabis cultivation to optimise the production of roots and absorbent hairs, thanks in particular to the high [...]

  • 100ml21.51€ 16.10€
  • 500ml106.08€ 79.55€

Kit TriPart Complet - Terra Aquatica

Alchimia presents the TriPart Complete Kit by Terra Aquatica, with all the products by this brand necessary to obtain a great cultivation, from the three basic fertilisers to the necessary supplements for growth, flowering and substrate enrichment wi [...]

  • 125.91€ 113.30€

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