Liquid oxygen

Liquid oxygen
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Liquid Oxygen by Growth Technology is a highly effective cleansing and oxygenating agent for hydroponic cannabis growing systems.

Liquid Oxygen contains hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) which quickly breaks down in your nutrient tank, adding extra ions of oxygen to the water, both increasing assimilation of nutrients and maintaining a healthy, disease-free root zone.

The extra oxygen atom provided by Liquid Oxygen is highly reactive and once released in the reservoir will do one of two things: it will either combine with another oxygen atom to form a stable O2 molecule, supercharging nutrient uptake and greatly stimulating growth; or it will latch onto and attack organic molecules like fungal spores or bacteria and viruses, eliminating existing pathogens and preventing disease before it takes hold.

Daily application of Liquid Oxygen will result in stronger, healthier and more vigorous growth, plants will be bushier with thicker stems and larger, lush green leaves.

Liquid Oxygen can also be used at a stronger concentration for cleaning and sterilising pots, benches and hydroponic systems after harvest.


  • Apply 5ml daily per 10l of reservoir volume.
  • Mix the required amount with 1l of tepid water before adding to the tank.

Properties of Liquid oxygen

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