Since tobacco was imported by force as an aromatic herb worthy of the aristocracy by the first American settlers, to the pernicious consumption rate in these days, it is clear that the mentioned herb, and more than that, the fact of smoking, has clearly marked every known culture and has been integrated into each of them generating certain habits to consumers. By this, we mean that we understand that every smoker enjoys the pleasure of smoking in his/her own way, with their manners, their vices, their accessories and rituals.

That's why we are trying that every smoker gets gratified with our catalog, not only trying to offer variety in our products, but also striving to meet the needs of every type of smoker.

Within the following categories you can explore the articles that interest you more, whether motivated by risk reduction like Splif Stick filters, by the comfort that smoker trays offer, or simply because you enjoy collecting pipes.

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