Cigarette filters and filter tips

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6mm Jilter Filter - Cellulose filter tips

Pre-rolled cellulose filter tips that perfectly fit our cardboard tips. JILTER FILTERS (made in Switzerland) effectively retain the intake of tar and nicotine into the body, and also help you keep your teeth white. [...]

  • Box of 42 units approx.1.90€ 1.33€
  • Bag of 1,000 units approx.18.00€ 17.10€

Fat Jilter Filter 7mm

Reduce the absorption of tar and nicotine when consuming your cannabis cigarettes with Jilter filters, now available in the online headshop. Improve your cardboard filters with Jilter! The JILTER FILTERS are made in Switzerland and [...]

  • Bag of 250 units aprox.15.00€ 12.00€

Rolls Smart Filter Large Size

Alchimia presents Rolls Smart Filters 8mm size, the ideal diameter for large cigars. Certainly they offer an optimum combustion experience, retaining some of the harmful substances and cooling the smoke. 8mm Rolls Smart Filters The Smart Filters in [...]

  • 40 units6.00€ 5.10€

Raw Pre-Rolled Filter Tips

Stop wasting time looking for filters for your cigars, Raw presents this box with 21 Pre-Rolled Filter Tips ready to use. This product is now available in our smoker accessories catalogue at Alchimia. Raw pre-rolled filter tips The cardboard used t [...]

  • 0.90€ 0.72€

RAW Rawbook

Alchimia presents Rawbook, 480 Classic RAW Rolling Paper Tips. It is designed to be practical, discreet and to protect the tips perfectly. Rawbook Paper tips, like the other RAW line tips, are made from natural unbleached cardboard, which provides i [...]

  • 8.60€ 6.88€

Actitube Extra Slim Full Flavor

Alchimia presents Tube Extra Slim, activated carbon filters for rolling extra slim cigarettes, benefiting from the positive effects of this activated carbon. Some users find that the 7 and 8mm filters do not have enough intense flavour. Actitube off [...]

  • 6 mm - 10 filters1.90€ 1.33€

Natural Filter Lion Rolling Circus

Lion Rolling Circus natural filters, now available in our smoking accessories catalogue at Alchimia. Lion Rolling Circus Filters The Lion Rolling Circus 50 unbleached 20mm x 60mm filters booklet, perfect filters for making easily your own joints. [...]

  • 0.50€ 0.35€

GIZEH Pure XL Filters

Discover GIZEH's XL Pure Filters, now available online in the Alchimiaweb catalogue. GIZEH Pure Filters are naturally biodegradable. The package itself is also environmentally friendly, since it is manufactured with 50% less plastic than traditional [...]

  • 1.30€ 1.11€

Pre rolled Filters Lion Rolling Circus

You can discover here at Alchimiaweb Lion Rolling Circus pre-rolled natural filters, now available in our smoking accessories catalogue. Lion Rolling Circus filters Lion Rolling Circus does the work for you, offering you this 120 pre-rolled filters [...]

  • (Out of stock)4.60€

Raw Organics Filter Tips

Alchimia presents Raw organic cardboard perforated filters. This filter tips booklet is extremely useful for rolling cigars, and it is now available in our smoker's accessories catalogue. Raw organic perforated filter tips Raw organic perforated fi [...]

  • booklet with 50 filters0.65€ 0.39€

GIZEH Slim Filters

GIZEH offers these fine filters in natural activated carbon for use during the rolling process, now available at SLIM GIZEH 6mm diameter filters offer triple protection in natural activated carbon to provide a smoother flavour and l [...]

  • 1.10€ 0.99€

Raw Glass Tip Mouthpiece

You can now refine your cannabis cigarette creation using the Raw Glass Tip Mouthpiece. These glass mouthpieces are intended to replace the traditional cardboard filter used by most consumers. These Raw glass filters offer you the possibility to enj [...]

  • Flat5.50€
  • Round5.50€ 3.85€

Jano organic Color Mix Filters

Alchimia presents Jano filters, completely organic, biodegradable, washable and reusable filters. They are an excellent option to improve cigarette smoking. Jano filters come in different colours, and prevent pieces of tobacco and/or cannabis from pa [...]

  • Box of 10 units (Out of stock)2.00€ 1.70€

Filters Jano Mystery Box

Alchimia presents the Mystery box by Jano, a surprising format with ecological and biodegradable filters. The Mystery box offers a set within the Jano catalogue, with filters in different colours and formats. Some boxes may even include a surprise, s [...]

  • Regular: From 35 to 40 filters (Out of stock)5.50€
UP TO 30%

RAW Holder

Wooden RAW mouthpiece with 2 or 3 holes so you can smoke 2 or 3 joints at a time. Already available in Alchimiaweb. [...]

  • Double King Size9.60€ 8.16€
  • Triple13.50€ 9.45€

ActiTube Slim carbon filters

The Acti Tube Slim activated carbon filters are the slim version of the classic ActiTube Filters, designed for those who wish to enjoy their fine cigars with all the benefits of the activated carbon. Its diameter is 7mm and its length is 27mm . They [...]

  • 50 filtres (Out of stock)5.50€ 4.40€

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