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Pre rolled Filters Lion Rolling Circus

You can discover here at Alchimiaweb Lion Rolling Circus pre-rolled natural filters, now available in our smoking accessories catalogue. Lion Rolling Circus filters Lion Rolling Circus does the work for you, offering you this 120 pre-rolled filters [...]

  • (Product sold out)4.60€

Natural Filter Lion Rolling Circus

Lion Rolling Circus natural filters, now available in our smoking accessories catalogue at Alchimia. Lion Rolling Circus Filters The Lion Rolling Circus 50 unbleached 20mm x 60mm filters booklet, perfect filters for making easily your own joints. [...]

  • (Product sold out)0.50€

GIZEH Pure XL Filters

Discover GIZEH's XL Pure Filters, now available online in the Alchimiaweb catalogue. GIZEH Pure Filters are naturally biodegradable. The package itself is also environmentally friendly, since it is manufactured with 50% less plastic than traditional [...]

  • 1.30€

GIZEH Slim Filters

GIZEH offers these fine filters in natural activated carbon for use during the rolling process, now available at SLIM GIZEH 6mm diameter filters offer triple protection in natural activated carbon to provide a smoother flavour and l [...]

  • 1.10€

Rolls Element Smart Filters

You'll never roll the same again after trying these new Rolls Elements Smart Filters, now available in the Alchimiaweb Headshop. As we inhale, the Rolls filter retains some of the potentially harmful substances produced during combustion. The temper [...]

  • 10 units1.50€
  • 60 pcs. (Product sold out)6.50€

RAW Holder

Wooden RAW mouthpiece with 2 or 3 holes so you can smoke 2 or 3 joints at a time. Already available in Alchimiaweb. [...]

  • Double King Size9.60€
  • Triple13.50€

ActiTube Slim carbon filters

The Acti Tube Slim activated carbon filters are the slim version of the classic ActiTube Filters, designed for those who wish to enjoy their fine cigars with all the benefits of the activated carbon. Within a 27mm long cardboard tube and with a [...]

  • 50 filtres5.50€

6mm Sunray color filter tips

Give color to your cigarettes with these Sunray 6mm diameter foam tips, perfect for rolling cigarettes with narrow paper or conical, now available in Alchimiaweb. Each bag is sealed and includes 150 soft tips in yellow, orange and red colors. [...]

  • (Product sold out)0.80€

ActiTube ceramic filters

Thanks to the German company Acti Tube, these state-of-the-art filters, designed to reduce to a minimum the impact of smoke in the lungs, are available. These pierced cylindrical mouth pieces have active carbon inside, a subtance which will condense [...]

  • 10 units box1.45€
  • 40 units Box4.10€
  • 100 units Box8.95€

JILTER FILTER - Cellulose filter tips

Pre-rolled cellulose filter tips that perfectly fit our cardboard tips. JILTER FILTERS (made in Switzerland) effectively retain the intake of tar and nicotine into the body, and also help you keep your teeth white. Box of 45 units. [...]

  • 1.90€

RAW Tips cardboard filters

Recycled cardboard mouthpieces of the brand of rolling papers RAW. This small booklet includes 50 carboards for mouthpieces, so you will always have it on hand and you won't have to be looking for cardboard anywhere. In others, the philosophy of RA [...]

  • (Product sold out)0.50€

Organic Filters OCB Slim 6mm

Filters for smoking from the brand OCB, Slim range, of 6mm, perfect for your slim cigarettes. These filters have the characteristic of not being made of foam, but they are composed of rolled up unbleached paper and tight, which make them totally deg [...]

  • 0.95€

Rizla Ultra Slim tips

Now you have available in Alchimiaweb the Ultra Slim tips from the smoking paper manufacturer Rizla , smoking tips that measure 5.7mm in diameter so you can roll fine cigarettes. Each box contains 120 filter tips stored in plastic tubes, so you can [...]

  • 1.00€

Quintessential Pure Hemp Filter Tips Maxipack

Cardboard Book of "Pure Hemp filters" from Quintessential. This booklet of 50 pages and with 4 filter tips per sheet, is made ​​of hemp, and 100% Chlorine free, making it less harmful. [...]

  • (Product sold out)2.60€

Quintessential Recycled Tips Maxipack

Booklet of cardboard filters made from recycled paper and completely free of Chlorine. This Maxi Pack booklet contains 50 leaves with 4 filters per sheet, so you won't run out of them. Available with the cover in various colours and shipped randoml [...]

  • 1.70€

Quintessential Recycled Filter Tips

Booklet of cardboard filter tips. This booklet will be the ideal match for your rolling paper booklets. Made of recycled paper without Chlorine (bleach), each booklet contains 50 filters. Booklet covers come in different colours and are shipped ra [...]

  • (Product sold out)0.45€

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