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Manual BHO Extraction tube 250 Gr.

This extraction tube has a capacity of 250 grams of dried buds or 520 grams of fresh (but more pressed), allowing the user to make BHO cannabis extractions efficiently and easily. Now available in Alchimiaweb. The tube is made of 304 and 316 food gr [...]

  • 520.00€ 442.00€
  • + sheath Dry Ice650.00€

BHO Extraction tube 1,1 Kg

With these extractor tubes you can use around 1kg of dried buds to make top grade BHO extracts. Concentrate your cannabinoids easily and fast! They are made of food grade 316 and 304 stainless steel, and their design allows you to soak the plant mat [...]

  • 1,140.00€ 969.00€
  • + sheath Dry Ice1,365.00€

Parchement Lion Rolling Circus

Alchimia is glad to present Lion Rolling Circus extractions roll, an unbleached heat-resistant parchment paper roll. This paper can be used to make BHO or Rosin extractions, ensuring that the resin is easily recovered without toxic residues from the [...]

  • 4.50€ 3.55€

1.5CF High Performance Mini Vacuum Pump

Alchimia Grow Shop presents the 1.5CF High Performance Mini Vacuum Pump, ideal for purging your homemade BHO extractions by removing all traces of butane gas. It is a compact yet highly efficient pump, with a dimensions of about 240 x 88 x 183mm and [...]

  • 227.00€ 192.90€

Qnubu Extraction Paper

Qnubu, the well-known Rosin press brand, introduces its specially designed paper for resin extractions. It is now available in our cannabis extraction accessories catalogue at Alchimiaweb. This paper can be used with Rosin presses or BHO extractions. [...]

  • 6.50€ 5.15€
UP TO 25%

HERBORIZER Rubber Gasket 1.5

Now at Alchimia, the replacement seals for the Herborizer Closed Loop System. These are the seals for the herb/flower tube. Choose a single seal if you just want to replace the top seal of the tube and seal + filter to replace all the joints of the [...]

  • Top Seal3.90€ 2.90€
  • Bottom Seal with filter14.95€ 11.95€

HERBORIZER Rubber Seal 4

Alchimia offers the replacement rubber seal for the Herborizer Mini Closed Loop system, now available in our online catalogue of accessories for BHO extraction devices. These rubber seals are used to seal the two main vessels of the Herborizer Mini [...]

  • 8.95€ 7.15€

Dunkees Silicone Mats

Check out Dunkees silicone mats, a must-have accessory to add some colour to your smoking kit. This accessory is available now in the Alchimiaweb catalogue, it will be very useful to protect your glass pipe and other fragile accessories. Silicone m [...]

  • Multihigh32.50€ 26.00€
  • Impossible Task 32.50€ 26.00€
  • Hollyweed32.50€ 26.00€
  • Games of Terps32.50€ 26.00€
  • Dab Wars 32.50€ 26.00€
  • Candy Land32.50€ 26.00€
  • Wax Dreams32.50€ 26.00€
  • After party 32.50€ 26.00€
  • Got'Em32.50€ 26.00€

Roller XL300 BHO Extractor

Extactor tube of marijuana resin or BHO concentrates using one or more refined butane gas pipe without impurities, such as those sold intended for filling burners. This extraction tube design is of medium-large size, what makes it really comfortable [...]

  • 55.00€ 46.70€

Roller BHO Extractor

Marijuana resin or BHO Extractor , thanks to the technique by butane gas as a solvent, using one or more refined gas pipes without impurities, such as those sold intended for filling burners. The extraction tube is available in two models, small and [...]

  • M15045.00€ 38.20€
  • L20050.00€ 42.45€


GASOLINATOR is a 35 cm - 13.5 inch - tube with a 140 micron screen or mesh. By using refined gas bottles - the same we use for refilling lighters -, oil is released from the buds. The mix of oil with gas is placed in a container, then we induce the [...]

  • 35.00€ 29.70€

Queen Bee BHO

Resin extractor BHO Queen Bee, elder brother of Honey Bee, both made from plastic that does not react with butane. With capacity of about 40g of grass, we just have to chop it well and place it inside the extractor without tighten it too much, it ha [...]

  • 36.00€ 30.55€

Oil Extractor Honey Bee

Learn how to make your extractions in a simple and inexpensive way. The marijuana Oil Extractor from the brand Honey Bee is made ​​of plastic which does not react with butane, and it is composed of the body, with a lighter recharge valve at the [...]

  • 23.00€ 18.35€

BHO heating plate

Heating plates are used to improve the purging process of extracts made with solvents. It keeps a constant temperature - set by the user - so all solvent particles evaporate more efficiently. Its temperature range goes from room temperature to 84&or [...]

  • 170.00€ 144.45€

Vacuum Pump 170L/min Rothenberger

Rothenberger professional vacuum pump designed for the maintenance of air conditioning systems allow us to use its power to get a good purge of our BHO oil samples. With a flow of 170L per minut (6CFM) it has a vacuum capacity of 34 bars of pressure, [...]

  • 480.00€ 408.00€

Methacrylate Desiccator, 250 mm

Round 250mm desiccator made of resistant and light methacrylate.This tool will allow you to generate the vacuum connecting it to a sufficiently powerful suction pump, such as 6.0 Roairvac Rothenberger pump.It has two halves with a rubber sealing gas [...]

  • 100.00€ 85.00€

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