BHO extraction

BHO is a cannabis resin extract obtained by using butane gas as solvent.

Here you'll find equipment and accessories to make your BHO extracts easily and safely. From stainless steel or borsilicate extraction tubes to refined butane gas refills, all the products listed here have been tested by our specialists with excellent results.

Purging the BHO extract to remove the solvent is another crucial part of the process. For this purpose, we offer here vacuum pumps, vacuum chambers and heating plates. Also, and especially if you're a professional, our selection of vacuum ovens will surely meet your requirements.

Remember that butane gas is highly flammable, please follow the proper safety instructions before attempting to make a BHO extraction. You should never use butane gas indoors.

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BHO heating plate + silicone mat
VRR24M-B Gas Recovery Unit

1,602.00€ 1,780.00€

UP TO 20%
Manual BHO Extraction tube 250 Gr.

From 535.50€ 595.00€

Queen Bee BHO

32.40€ 36.00€

HERBORIZER Rubber Seal 4

8.05€ 8.95€

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Qnubu Extraction Paper - BHO extraction

Qnubu, the well-known Rosin press brand, introduces its specially designed paper for resin extractions. It is now available in our cannabis extraction accessories catalogue at Alch [...]

  • 6.50€ 5.20€

Gas ATOMIC zero impurity - BHO extraction

The ATOMIC Zero Impurity gas is mainly characterized by being the much more refined gas than the rest, almost 100% zero impurities. It is recommended not only for lighters [...]

  • 300 ml 3.00€

Oil Extractor Honey Bee - BHO extraction

Learn how to make your extractions in a simple and inexpensive way. The marijuana Oil Extractor from the brand Honey Bee is made ​​of plas [...]

  • 23.00€ 18.40€

Red silicone mat - BHO extraction

Red siliconemat completely nontoxic and neutral, whose antiadherent surface will allow us to manipulate BHO type resins, [...]

  • S Small 8.00€

Roller XL300 BHO Extractor - BHO extraction

Extactor tube of marijuana resin or BHO concentrates using one or more refined butane gas pipe without impurities, such as those sold intended for filling burners. [...]

  • 55.00€

Gas Clipper 12 Refined 300 ml - BHO extraction

Clipper Gas. Pure isobutane Clipper gas will become the ideal partner for obtaining clean BHO extractions since it is an extra refined gas and completely free of impurities ensurin [...]

  • 3.75€

Roller BHO Extractor - BHO extraction

Marijuana resin or BHO Extractor , thanks to the technique by butane gas as a solvent, using one or more refined gas pipes without impurities, suc [...]

  • M150 45.00€
  • L200 50.00€
UP TO 15%

Dunkees Silicone Mats - BHO extraction

Check out Dunkees silicone mats, a must-have accessory to add some colour to your smoking kit. This accessory is available now in the Alchimiaweb catalogue, it will be very [...]

  • Got'Em (Out of stock) 32.50€ 27.60€
  • After party 32.50€ 29.25€
  • Wax Dreams (Out of stock) 32.50€ 29.25€
  • Candy Land (Out of stock) 32.50€ 29.25€
  • Games of Terps (Out of stock) 32.50€ 27.60€
  • Hollyweed 32.50€ 27.60€
  • Multihigh (Out of stock) 32.50€ 29.25€

BHO Vacuum Purge Kit - BHO extraction

Set with everything you need to make the vacuum in an acrylic or glass desiccating chamber, so you can purge your marijuana resin extractions [...]

  • 789.00€ 710.10€

Queen Bee BHO - BHO extraction

Resin extractor BHO Queen Bee, elder brother of Honey Bee, both made from plastic that does not react with butane [...]

  • 36.00€ 32.40€

BHO heating plate + silicone mat - BHO extraction

Now you can purge your BHO in a controlled manner with the help of this hot plate that has a temperature control, knowing that you will be working at a constant temperature. Refine your [...]

  • 243.00€ 218.70€

BHO heating plate - BHO extraction

Heating plates are used to improve the purging process of extracts made with solvents. It keeps a constant temperature - set by the user - so all solvent particles [...]

  • 235.00€

Slick Slab - BHO extraction

Alchimia presents here a new product, the Slick Slabs from Oil Slick, silicone pads (91cm x 61cm) which are designed to protect the surface of your table when smoking [...]

  • 99.00€ 84.15€
UP TO 20%

Manual BHO Extraction tube 250 Gr. - BHO extraction

This extraction tube has a capacity of 250 grams of dried buds or 520 grams of fresh (but more pressed), allowing the user to make BHO cannabis extractions [...]

  • 595.00€ 535.50€
  • + sheath Dry Ice 720.00€ 576.00€

BHO Extraction tube 100g - BHO extraction

This extracor tube allows you to use up to 100g of dried herb, or 185gr in green, and make top grade BHO concentrates. Extracting cannabinoids with gas is fast and eas [...]

  • 480.00€ 384.00€
  • + sheath Dry Ice 595.00€ 476.00€

BHO manual extraction tube 550g - BHO extraction

With this extracor tube you can process up to 500g of dried herb or up to 850 grams of dried grass (more pressed) to make BHO extracts. Concentrating cannabinoids with [...]

  • 890.00€ 712.00€
  • + sheath Dry Ice 1,035.00€ 828.00€

BHO Extraction tube 1,1 Kg - BHO extraction

With these extractor tubes you can use around 1kg of dried buds to make top grade BHO extracts. Concentrate your cannabinoids easily and fast! They are made of food grade 3 [...]

  • 1,225.00€ 980.00€
  • + sheath Dry Ice 1,475.00€ 1,180.00€

BHO Closed Loop system 550g - BHO extraction

Alchimiaweb presents here this closed loop system to make BHO extractions in a professional way. With this system, you can process up to 550g of dried herbs in one go. Amon [...]

  • 7,315.00€ 5,852.00€

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3D Grinders ColdCase - Small boxes, jars and containers

Alchimia presents the new ColdCase canisters by 3D Grinders, specially designed to keep resin extractions such as Rosin [...]

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