Herborizer 270g Closed Loop Extraction System

Herborizer presents this closed circuit BHO extraction system with capacity for 270g of material, enough to make high quality extractions in large quantities. Produce professional quality extractions simply and safely at home with Herborizer's close [...]

  • (Product sold out)1,435.00€

80L/Min Vacuum pump and circulating water

Alchimia Grow Shop presents the 80L/min Vacuum Pump and Circulating Water, perfect to use in combination with a rotary evaporator up to 2L capacity. 80L/min Vacuum Pump and Circulating Water, to vacuum and recirculate water This device offers a hig [...]

  • 510.00€

BHO Rotary evaporator

The resin extraction professionalisation is unstoppable, here we are glad to present the rotary evaporator, generally only used in laboratories. It is now possible to use without wearing a white coat. The rotary evaporator separates low boiling solv [...]

  • 1,890.00€

Mr Hide Vacuum Oven

Vacuum oven 0.9CF & 25L or 1.9CF & 53L capacity is the ideal tool for BHO format resin extractions lovers. BHO extractions contain solvents that must be purged before they can be consumed. With the 0.9CF or 1.9CF vacuum oven with a 25L or 53 [...]

  • 25L & 0.9 cf (Product sold out)1,770.00€
  • 53L & 1.9cf (Product sold out)2,775.00€

1.5CF High Performance Mini Vacuum Pump

Alchimia Grow Shop presents the 1.5CF High Performance Mini Vacuum Pump, ideal for purging your homemade BHO extractions by removing all traces of butane gas. It is a compact yet highly efficient pump, with a dimensions of about 240 x 88 x 183mm and [...]

  • 227.00€

Easyvac 9 CMF Vacuum Pump

Alchimia presents EasyVac 9 CFM (255l/min) Vacuum Pump, a equipment to purge your BHO extractions in a desiccator in a safe and efficient way. This professional pump has a dimensions of 41.9cm x 15.2cm x 27.9cm and weighs 16.78kg. It is a compact an [...]

  • 1,199.00€

BHO Vacuum Pump

The Two-Stage Vacuum Pump 2, 6 or 10.6 CFM is ideal for purging the gas used in BHO or QWET extractions with alcohol. This pump has enough power, 1/3 and ¾ HP and 1440rpm motor speed, sufficient to purge quickly and effectively with a 15 micr [...]

  • 2 CFM485.00€
  • 6 CMF (Product sold out)609.00€
  • 10.6 CMF (Product sold out)916.00€

DLSB Recirculation Cooler

Alchimia presents Mr Hide Extracts Recirculating Cooler, ideal for improving your closed circuit extraction system and for use with the Mr Hide Extracts 2L Rotary Evaporator. Mr Hide Extracts is one of the most important companies in the manufacture [...]

  • 4 l - 1000w1,488.00€

Qnubu Extraction Paper

Qnubu, the well-known Rosin press brand, introduces its specially designed paper for resin extractions. It is now available in our cannabis extraction accessories catalogue at Alchimiaweb. This paper can be used with Rosin presses or BHO extractions. [...]

  • 6.50€ 5.50€

HERBORIZER Rubber Gasket 1.5

Now at Alchimia, the replacement seals for the Herborizer Closed Loop System. These are the seals for the herb/flower tube. Choose a single seal if you just want to replace the top seal of the tube and seal + filter to replace all the joints of the [...]

  • Top Seal3.90€
  • Bottom Seal with filter14.95€

HERBORIZER Rubber Seal 4

Alchimia offers the replacement rubber seal for the Herborizer Mini Closed Loop system, now available in our online catalogue of accessories for BHO extraction devices. These rubber seals are used to seal the two main vessels of the Herborizer Mini [...]

  • 8.95€

Dunkees Silicone Mats

Check out Dunkees silicone mats, a must-have accessory to add some colour to your smoking kit. This accessory is available now in the Alchimiaweb catalogue, it will be very useful to protect your glass pipe and other fragile accessories. Silicone m [...]

  • Multihigh32.50€
  • Impossible Task 32.50€
  • Hollyweed32.50€
  • Games of Terps32.50€
  • Dab Wars 32.50€
  • Candy Land32.50€
  • Wax Dreams32.50€
  • After party 32.50€
  • Got'Em32.50€

Herborizer Closed Loop BHO Extraction System

Alchimia presents the Herborizer Closed Loop extraction system, it allows you to perform BHO extractions easily and safely at home, taking advantage of all the advantages provided by this kind of system. Now you can extract your own professional-gra [...]

  • 90 gr (Product sold out)965.00€
  • 135 gr (Product sold out)985.00€
  • 180 gr (Product sold out)1,400.00€

Dab Art concentrate mould

Add a touch of imagination to your extractions with this silicone case from Dab Art, designed to be used as a mould for your cannabis extracts. Discover it now at alchimiaweb.com It is included a small dabber to mould your BHO or Rosin extractions i [...]

  • (Product sold out)29.95€

Oil Click Clear

Oil Slick Clear is made from an exclusive polymer blend called FEP «Polymer-Alloy». This material offers a less adherent, more resistant and totally transparent surface when compared to traditional PTFE. Now you can discover it online at [...]

  • (Product sold out)26.95€

D-Lux extractor L-55cm

D-Luxe steel extraction tube, designed for big BHO extractions, and built to last for a long time. This marijuana resin extractor is large, with a total length of 55cm and a diameter of 3cm, which will process a considerable amount of cannabis at on [...]

  • (Product sold out)85.00€

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