Herborizer Mini Closed Loop BHO extractor

Thanks to Herborizer, finally there's the possibility for everyone to perform BHO cannabis extractions at home using a closed circuit! This small passive closed circuit extractor is now available online for you to discover at Alchimiaweb.com

Closed circuit systems allow you to consume cleaner BHO due to the elimination of "Mystery Oil". When using new gas for the first time, we need to first carry out an empty run, using gas but without grass. This is in order to remove the lubricants present in all butane bottles (otherwise known as "Mystery Oil"). This oil is a grease used to facilitate the introduction of gas into the bottles during their filling at the factory and will contaminate our BHO if not first removed!

Another of the advantages of this kind of system is its recycling and reuse of the gas. Indeed, thanks to the tightness of the system it will be possible to perform many extractions with the same load of butane.

Passive closed circuit systems do not need a recovery pump to perform the extraction. The flow of gas is due to the difference in temperature between the two solvent tanks. It will still be necessary to use a conventional pump to pull vacuum on the system, so we can use the same vacuum pump used for purging BHO.

Herborizer Closed Circuit contents:

  • 2 Tanks for solvents: 10 cm x 10 cm
  • 1 Tube for flowers: 3.80cm x 15.20cm
  • 1 Threaded cap with standard valve and hose adapter
  • 3 Clamps
  • 3 Viton gasket
  • 1 Viton gasket with 150 micron filter
  • 1 Pressure gauge
  • 1 Flexible stainless steel and teflon (PTFE) hose 61cm

Warning! Despite the fact that it is a closed circuit ALWAYS carry out extraction outdoors in a well-ventilated area to avoid any risk of accidents.

Check out our guide on the use of the Herborizer mini closed circuit system here on our Blog!

Herborizer Mini closed loop BHO extractor:

  • Passive closed circuit system
  • 304 stainless steel
  • Mirror polished interior
  • Flower capacity: 45g
  • Gas capacity: 300-400ml
  • Reuses gas
  • Elimination of the lubricants present in the gas (Mystery Oil)
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Accessories of Herborizer Mini Closed Loop BHO extractor

HERBORIZER Rubber Gasket 1.5

HERBORIZER Rubber Gasket 1.5

  • Top Seal 3.90€
  • Bottom Seal with filter 14.95€

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