Roller XL300 BHO Extractor

Roller XL300 BHO Extractor
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Extactor tube of marijuana resin or BHO concentrates using one or more refined butane gas pipe without impurities, such as those sold intended for filling burners.

This extraction tube design is of medium-large size, what makes it really comfortable and suitable to do home extractions for frequent users, getting a good amount of final result each time. Its length of 30 cm , combined with its diameter of about 3 cm, gives it a volume capable of containing a capacity of about 20-25 grams of good marijuana and will allow us to get a return of a 10-15% whenever we make the process under the best conditions, and with the grass and gas previously frozen; we must keep in mind that not all genetics offer the same volume of oil as return, nor the same colour or aroma, and each of them behaves in a slightly different way to the cannabis resin extraction

What if you have to take into account when we start to work is that it's essential to use bottles of refined butane gas without impurities , in order to get the best flavour and maximum product purity, being fully sure that we don´t begrime the extraction with any undesired element (we speak about particles, impurities, mercaptans, smells added for detecting leaks ...), ruining so the whole process.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, because the gas bottles has a limited pressure inside, which is not extremely high, it will be necessary to use something more than a bottle (even a couple of them) to separate efficiently all marijuana resin particles, being able to re-freeze the sample to give it a second passing a few hours later if we believe it necessary, or end use that grass for medicinal marijuana butter. We must use all the resin, like all "connoisseur" know, because marijuana is almost like pork, everything can be used.

As construction material, it has been chosen stainless steel, the same as that used for oil and gas pipeline construction, so we can be sure about the quality, knowing that it will release any impurity or leave unwanted aftertaste.

It disposes over threads for both lids (made of plastic) which are placed on the ends, ensuring the board with a small rubber gasket to prevent escapes. One end, the upper one, has a small hole which works like a valve in a plastic zone and where it is introduced the outlet nozzle of the gas bottle, the other end with the thread has some holes and a mesh of 60 microns, to prevent the vegetable matter from falling into the oil. Moreover it incorporates some small filters that will capture waxes much more appropriately than traditional coffee filters.

In conclusion, this marijuana resin extractor device is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve the highest level of quality and purity, and in a certain amount, a fact that will allow us to take full advantage of the gas effect. Perfect to extract of a certain amount, and offer to the usual BHO consumer the possibility to fill his oil pantry, to taste it during few sessions without worrying that it will finish immediately.

It can be consumed in cigarette or pipe, but we recommend the use of a glass bubbler , which will improve the whole experience, the great flavour that we can taste, concentrated and resinous, and for a powerful and delicious effect.

Features of Roller BHO M300 Extractor:

  • Large: 30 cm long x 2.8 cm wide
  • Includes filters to keep the waxes. They're placed on the lid lower side, on the grate.
  • Both lids are interchangeable the tube can be operated in both directions.
  • Includes safety data sheet and use.
  • Includes 1 roll of paper without chlorine Alda R-36 Natur Roller one of R-44 and one of L-44 and a set of pre bended cartons for mouthpieces.
  • It's need to assemble the rubbers and the mesh before using it

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