Medium size Oil Rig Bubbler

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Small bubbler, designed and manufactured for marijuana resins and concentrates consumption .

This is so because of several factors that support it. First its size, because being so small it is ideal to concentrate the puff of the mixture of smoke / vapour resulting from the dome and nail, getting to hydrate and cool it, while we best bring all the flavour together. Then, because it has a male joint, and comes with a 5 cm borosilicate nail and a dome. We will just need a blue flame blowtorch lighter to get the nail red hot and get the system running.

Its body is slender, elegant and compact, cylindrical and thin, with a wider base to ensure good stability. The inhalation tube, which connects the mouthpiece to the body, is wide and sturdy, perfect for getting a proper air flow that allows a rapid emptying of the bubbler.

As for the filtering system, this model has a downspout with micro-perforations, causing lots of bubbles, allowing a correct cleaning of flavours and of smoke, actually improving the quality of the experience without affecting functionality, especially avoiding to stop the flow between the glass dabber and our lungs.

It is made of high quality European laboratory glass, crafted entirely by hand by Red Bubble Glass.

All bubblers in the range have the same dimensions and features, but keep their own personality, subtle differences between them, giving them an extra touch of magic, each piece is unique.

It makes a perfect match with a dish for concentrates , essential for a comfortable handling the BHO.

Features of medium size Oil Rig Bubbler by Red Bubble Glass:

  • Height base-joint: 16cm
  • Height base-mouth piece: 24cm
  • Base diameter: 4cm
  • Parts included: medium Bubbler + 5cm nail + dome
  • Joint size: 14.4mm

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