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The Bong, also known as a water pipe, has a long history going back thousands of years. Although its exact origin cannot be precisely determined, it is believed that the first bong-like devices emerged in some regions in Asia and Africa.

Some evidence suggests that the Babylonians in ancient Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq) used bong-like devices more than 2400 years ago. These devices were known as 'Narghile' and were used for smoking tobacco. The Narghile consisted of a base with water, an upright pipe and a mouthpiece, and it was used to enjoy smoking in social groups.

In Asia, bongs were historically associated with the opium smoking culture in China during the 16th and 17th centuries. Opium users used bamboo bongs to smoke the substance, as the water helped to cool and filter the smoke before it was inhaled. These devices were known as "Chillums".

Bongs: First class filtration and cooling for an exceptional smoking experience

As cannabis culture spread around the world, the use of bongs became popular in various cultures. In the 1970s, the bong became a symbol of the counterculture and the hippie movement, associated with the consumption of cannabis. Since then, bongs have evolved in terms of design, materials, and functionality, adapting to the preferences and needs of modern users.

Today, bongs are made in a wide variety of styles and materials, including glass, acrylic, ceramic and metal. They have become functional art objects, with elaborate designs and sophisticated percolators that provide a smooth and filtered smoking experience.

The bong has endured over the centuries as a popular way to enjoy herbs and concentrates. Its use has spread around the world, and today it is found in both recreational and therapeutic smoking culture.

Bubblers: The perfect fusion of portability and smoking quality

Bubblers are bongs in a more compact format. These devices are ideal for those who want to enjoy the filtration and cooling of smoke provided by a bong, but in a more portable and easier to use size. Bubblers have a smaller water chamber than bongs and are equipped with a bowl and mouthpiece, making them convenient for individual use. They provide a smooth and flavourful experience, ideal for those who want a more discreet smoking experience but do not want to compromise on quality.

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Blue Heaven bottle watter pipe

Small pipe made ​​of glass shaped like a small bottle of an alcoholic drink, designed to filter the smoke with water. At the [...]

  • Blue Heaven 5.00€

Greenline Monkey Percolator Bong

Alchimiaweb presents the Greenline Monkey Bong, with a Dome percolator and green finish, very efficient and functional, ideal to enjoy your [...]

  • Height: 32 cm 21.90€ 19.70€

Bottle pipe

Small pipe made of glass ​​in the form of small bottle, with a design similar to alcoholic beverage, with which we can filter the smo [...]

  • SkyOff 5.00€
  • Black Cat (Out of stock) 5.00€

Premium Chocolate Bud Bong - Bongeez

We present Bongeez, a Ogeez Premium Chocolate Bong and the perfect gift for any chocolate lover. It is a glass smoking pipe (38 cm) filled with 100g of premium chocolate bu [...]

  • 38cm - 100g 49.95€

GG Nectar Collector

Grace Glass presents here the Nectar Collector, a bubbler with nail designed to smoke the resin concentrates directl [...]

  • 35.00€ 28.00€

Bong Grace Glass Cheech & Chong

Discover the Bong Grace Glass Cheech & Chong, ideal for smokers who want to cool their smoke through a practical and stylish glass pipe, available now in Alchimiaweb's catalogu [...]

  • (Out of stock) 74.90€ 67.40€

Replacement Bowl of 18 mm

Replacement Bowl for glass bong , made ​​of borosilicate glass, and a 18mm-thick gasket is ideal [...]

  • (Out of stock) 8.50€

Precooler for bong 18.8mm by Grace Glass

Precooler Grace Glass for bong, an accessory with 18.8 mm gasket designed to be used as an adapter for your glass bongs or bubblers. It is made of borosili [...]

  • Blue (Out of stock) 23.90€

GG 18.8mm Bowl Dragon Paw (X1060Y)

Now available in Alchimia these spare bowls made of borosilicate glass by Grace Glass, with a 18.8mm joint and a space for herbs of 9mm in diameter, available in d [...]

  • (Out of stock) 4.90€ 3.90€

Beaker Bong Glass Blue Shotgun

Alchimia invites you to discover this bong, ideal for cooling the smoke and offering maximum appreciation of the flavours and aromas of your cannabis flowers. [...]

  • Height: 37cm 49.90€

Studenglass Gravity Hookah

Alchimia presents the Studenglass Gravity Hooka, an innovative gravity bong that can also be used as a Hookah and to which you can even connect your vaporiser if y [...]

  • 575.00€ 488.75€

Amsterdam Bong - 12 cm

The 12cm Amsterdam bong with gift box is a product made of borosilicate glass. This water pipe is ideal for carrying due to its small size, being very easy [...]

  • (Out of stock) 16.90€ 15.20€

Thug Life Bong - 36 cm + percolator

This bong with percolator from Thug Life's Beaker Series (36 cm high) is a quality bong made of borosilicate glass with an electric design that features a [...]

  • 44.50€ 40.05€

Grace Glass Rainforest Beaker Series 32 cm bong

The Rainforest Beaker Series 32 cm bong by Grace Glass has been made with quality materials such as borosilicate glass, that allows it to withstand the high temperatures needed for [...]

  • Purple (Out of stock) 69.90€ 62.90€
  • Red and Green 69.90€ 62.90€

Thug Life's OG Series V2 35cm Bong

Thug Life's OG Series V2 Bong is a quality piece of borosilicate glass with a height of 35 cm and a conical flask shape that gives it great stabil [...]

  • (Out of stock) 44.50€

Grace Glass Bong Beaker Percolator

Alchimia presents the Bong Beaker by Grace Glass, a thick and robust bong with ice cube tips, ideal for intense sessions of fresh and flavoursome smoke [...]

  • 30 cm (Out of stock) 49.90€ 39.90€

Bong Classic Beaker Grace Glass

Grace Glass presents here the Classic Beaker Bong, an imposing size unit made of borosilicate glass. It has a hole for air intake and thanks to the large volume of [...]

  • Red (Out of stock) 64.90€ 58.40€
  • Blue (Out of stock) 72.00€ 64.80€

Bong Special Series Thug Life

Alchimia presents the Special Series Bong by Thug Life, a compact model with filtration and a large water tank to produce a more pleasant smoke. Available now in o [...]

  • 29cm (Out of stock) 45.00€ 40.50€

K9 Silicone Bong by Piecemaker

We are happy to present K9 by Piecemaker, a practical yet amusing silicone bong, manufactured in the shape of a balloon dog. Now available in the [...]

  • Yellow 69.00€

Kali Silicone Bong by Piecemaker

Piecemaker present Kali, part of their range of colourful silicone bongs which, as well as being great fun to use, are completely unbreakable, making them perfect for everyday smoking and for takin [...]

  • Miss Pinky (Out of stock) 32.00€

Kube Silicone bong by Piecemaker

The Kube silicone bong by Piecemaker is an innovation in every way, and it glows in the dark! This bong made of food grade silicone [...]

  • 59.00€

Kommuter Silicone Bong by Piecemaker

Piecemaker present the Kommuter, an innovative and fun silcone bong in the shape of a cup with a lid and drinking straw. Not only is it very discreet in appearance [...]

  • Kamo 38.00€

Kwak Silicone Bong by Piecemaker

Alchimiaweb is delighted to present the best friend to join you in the bathtub. The Kwak Silicone Bong by Piecemaker, in the shape of a duck that brings to mind th [...]

  • Yellow 39.00€
  • Kamo 39.00€

Unikorn Silicone Bong by Piecemaker

We present the Unikorn Silicone Bong, the perfect gift without a doubt for any smoker. This bong is made of BPA free food grade silicone [...]

  • Rainbow 48.00€

Kannimals Silicone Bongs Set by Piecemaker

We present you this set of three silicone bongs by Piecemaker. These bongs, also sold separately, are the perfect gift for anyone who likes to smo [...]

  • Kwack+K9+Unikorn 156.00€ 140.40€

Puffco The Cupsy

Puffco presents here The Cupsy. A revolutionary bong that brings the potential to consume cannabis anywhere . It offers a great design, with a shape [...]

  • 75.00€

Bong Glass Amsterdam Ice Spiral 37 cm

Alchimia presents the Grace Glass Amsterdam Ice Spiral Bong, standing 37cm tall with a spiral percolator and ice notches. This borosilicat [...]

  • 02917BL 46.00€ 36.80€

Jet Flash Smoking System

Now at Alchimia Grow Shop is the Jet Flash bubbler pipe, which allows you to get the best flavour from your marijuana thanks to its vortex, which will spin up concentrating smoke flavour and densit [...]

  • (Out of stock) 62.00€

Medium size Oil Rig Bubbler

Small bubbler, designed and manufactured for marijuana resins and concentrates consumption . This is so because of several [...]

  • 165.00€ 148.50€

Small size Oil Rig Bubbler

Small and compact bubbler, designed and manufactured for marijuana resins and concentrates consumption . This is so because of [...]

  • 145.00€ 137.75€

Herborizer Bubbler XL Vaporizer

Alchimiaweb presents here the Herborizer Bubbler XL vaporizer, manufactured with top quality materials and with a temperature control unit so every user can enjoy his favorite vapo [...]

  • (Out of stock) 349.00€ 296.65€
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