stainless steel grids 18mm

Alchimia presents these small grids for use with your water pipes and bongs. Using this stainless steel grid, the grass placed on it does not fall into the pipe or the bong water. It is presented in 4 units with a diameter of 18mm. [...]

  • 4 units1.60€ 1.20€

Bong/pipe concave metal screens

Now you can purchase in Alchimiaweb this set of 10 concave metal screens for your glass bubbler or bong. They are designed to be very easy to use; they fit perfectly into the bowl and their shape prevents the contents from spilling out. [...]

  • 10 units2.90€ 2.15€

Mutant colour 14mm male bowl

Alchimia offers this 14mm male bowl/slide with mutant colour finish, suitable for water pipes and bongs with a 14mm female connection. [...]

  • 3.20€ 2.40€

Bong Cleaning Brush 50cm

Keep your water pipes and bongs clean for a better flavour and more enjoyable cannabis use! This 50cm brush offers soft bristles to avoid scratching the glass of your piece. It allows deep cleaning even in the least accessible parts. For the best r [...]

  • 5.50€ 4.10€

Studenglass Gravity Hookah

Alchimia presents the Studenglass Gravity Hooka, an innovative gravity bong that can also be used as a Hookah and to which you can even connect your vaporiser if you wish, available online now in our catalogue of smoking equipment. The Stundeglass G [...]

  • 575.00€ 517.45€

Silicone Bong 21cm

Alchimia presents here thi versatile silicone bong, ideal to enjoy your herbs in music festivals, events or even if you go camping without worrying about breaking it. The medical grade silicone used to manufacture these bongs ensure quality smoke an [...]

  • 8.50€ 6.35€

Bowl for Silicon Bong Retro

Now available in our accessories catalogue at alchimiaweb, the borosilicate bowl for the retro silicone Bong. Retro Silicone Bong bowl replacement With this bowl spare part you can replace the original Retro Silicone Bong one. It is designed wit [...]

  • 6.00€ 4.75€

Bowl 14mm male

14mm male bowl/slide for use in bongs and water pipes with a 14mm female connection. This quality borosilicate glass bowl fits a good amount of weed, up to 1g at a time. [...]

  • 2.00€ 1.45€

Isopropyl Alcohol 1L

Now you can purchase in Alchimiaweb the Master Trimmer isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol), perfect to remove the resin and clean both your trimming tools and glass pipes. This alcohol is free from bittering agents, leaves no residues and does not deter [...]

  • 8.60€ 7.30€

Glass bong 38 cm with wooden box

Smoker kit in a wooden box with hand carved cannabis motifs. This kit focuses mainly on the bong of 30cm which includes, along with its respective downpipe with bowl and its set of screens. It also includes a cleaning brush for facilitate its main [...]

  • 75.00€ 63.70€

Male/male bong adapter

Now available in Alchimia Grow Shop, these 18mm/18mm male to male adapters are suitable for bongs and bubblers with a 18mm female joint. With this piece, we can use in our borosilicate pipes with female joint, those bowls and BHO domes with female j [...]

  • 18/18mm6.50€ 5.15€
  • 18/14,4mm6.50€ 5.15€

Mutant color 18mm bowl

Now available in Alchimiaweb, these 18mm bowls finished in mutant colour - "slime" green - are compatible with any bong with a 18mm female joint . Perfect for replacing for your old bowl or for those who like to have several bowls to separate resins [...]

  • 3.50€ 2.95€

GG 18.8mm Bowl Dragon Paw (X1060Y)

Now available in Alchimia these spare bowls made of borosilicate glass by Grace Glass, with a 18.8mm joint and a space for herbs of 9mm in diameter, available in different colors, randomly sent. Perfect as a replacement part for any Grace Glass bong [...]

  • 7.50€ 6.35€

Replacement Bowl of 18 mm

Replacement Bowl for glass bong , made ​​of borosilicate glass, and a 18mm-thick gasket is ideal for dense and large puffs, by allowing more airflow. Decorated with small decorations colour, is available in two models, random sends. [...]

  • 7.50€ 5.60€

GG 6 Arm diffuser - 29,2/18,8 mmn ( X1025)

Alchimiaweb offers here this spare 6-arm diffuser - manufactured by Grace Glass - to replace an old or broken part and continue enjoying top grade smoke thanks to the large amount of bubbles created. This 6-arm diffuser measures 12 cm long and adapt [...]

  • 12.50€ 9.35€

Replacement Downstem Bong Adapter of 15cm + 18mm bowl

Downstem for glass bong with a 18mm gasket and built-in bowl. This replacement part will help you replace your "downstem" in case of breakage. By having the bowl built-in,you don't need to worry that it will fall or release accidentally, making eas [...]

  • 7.50€ 5.60€

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