Studenglass Gravity Hookah

Alchimia presents the Studenglass Gravity Hooka, an innovative gravity bong that can also be used as a Hookah and to which you can even connect your vaporiser if you wish, available online now in our catalogue of smoking equipment. The Stundeglass G [...]

  • 575.00€

Bong Grace Glass Breaker Dragon

Discover the Bong Grace Glass Breaker Dragon, ideal for smokers who want to cool their smoke through a practical and stylish glass pipe, available now in Alchimiaweb's catalogue of smoking accessories. This 32cm decorated bong is equipped with a per [...]

  • G19054.00€

Thug Life Bong - 36 cm + percolator

This bong with percolator from Thug Life's Beaker Series (36 cm high) is a quality bong made of borosilicate glass with an electric design that features a removable bowl for easy cleaning and a dome percolator. As in all bongs, liquids can be added [...]

  • 48.50€

Thug Life's OG Series V2 35cm Bong

Thug Life's OG Series V2 Bong is a quality piece of borosilicate glass with a height of 35 cm and a conical flask shape that gives it great stability at its base. This eye-catching bong consists of two percolators, one spiral and one with 4 small gr [...]

  • 58.90€

Grace Glass Rainforest Beaker Series 32 cm bong

The Rainforest Beaker Series 32 cm bong by Grace Glass has been made with quality materials such as borosilicate glass, that allows it to withstand the high temperatures needed for cannabis consumption. Its conical flask shape makes it have a wide b [...]

  • Red and Green (Product sold out)69.90€
  • Purple69.90€

Amsterdam Bong - 12 cm

The 12cm Amsterdam bong with gift box is a product made of borosilicate glass. This water pipe is ideal for carrying due to its small size, being very easy to handle. In addition, it goes unnoticed as it fits in your hand, which makes it a great trav [...]

  • 16.90€

36cm Amsterdam Rasta Beaker Bong

Now available in the Alchmiaweb online Head Shop, we present this 36cm Amsterdam Beaker with an eight-arm percolator and removable downstem/diffuser decorated in a funky and fun Rasta design. Made from extra-thick borosilicate glass, it's the perfec [...]

  • G183RS (Product sold out)49.00€

Mushroom Green Beaker GG Bong (G1682G) 48cm

Grace Glass brings to Alchimiaweb the Mushroom Green Beaker GG Bong, a borosilicate glass bong with mushroom-shaped percolator and green and yellow accents. Measuring 48cm in height, this bong has been designed to improve the smoking experience of y [...]

  • G1682U (Product sold out)78.00€

Retro Silicone Bong

Now available in the Alchimia online Headshop, we present these flexible bongs from the Retro brand, manufactured from silicone for limitless resistance, virtually unbreakable and therefore ideal for travelling and easily transported in a backpack fo [...]

  • Rasta (Product sold out)45.00€
  • Glow (Product sold out)45.00€

Purple Beaker GG Bong (G340PR) - 35cm

Grace Glass and Alchimiaweb present here the Purple Beaker GG Bong (G340PR), a splendid piece of gass with spiral percolator and purple accents. A very handy and efficient borosilicate glass bong. This bong is ideal for smoking your homegrown cannab [...]

  • (Product sold out)68.00€

Bong Glass Amsterdam Ice Spiral 37 cm

Alchimia presents the Grace Glass Amsterdam Ice Spiral Bong, standing 37cm tall with a spiral percolator and ice notches. This borosilicate bong is resistant, thanks to the 5mm thick glass, and stable thanks to its heavy base. With a diameter of 50 [...]

  • 02917BL (Product sold out)46.00€

Bong/pipe concave metal screens

Now you can purchase in Alchimiaweb this set of 10 concave metal screens for your glass bubbler or bong. They are designed to be very easy to use; they fit perfectly into the bowl and their shape prevents the contents from spilling out. [...]

  • 10 units2.90€

stainless steel grids 18mm

Alchimia presents these small grids for use with your water pipes and bongs. Using this stainless steel grid, the grass placed on it does not fall into the pipe or the bong water. It is presented in 4 units with a diameter of 18mm. [...]

  • 4 units (Product sold out)1.60€

Mutant colour 14mm male bowl

Alchimia offers this 14mm male bowl/slide with mutant colour finish, suitable for water pipes and bongs with a 14mm female connection. [...]

  • 3.20€

Bong Cleaning Brush 50cm

Keep your water pipes and bongs clean for a better flavour and more enjoyable cannabis use! This 50cm brush offers soft bristles to avoid scratching the glass of your piece. It allows deep cleaning even in the least accessible parts. For the best r [...]

  • 5.50€

Bowl 14mm male

14mm male bowl/slide for use in bongs and water pipes with a 14mm female connection. This quality borosilicate glass bowl fits a good amount of weed, up to 1g at a time. [...]

  • (Product sold out)2.00€

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