BHO Vacuum Purge Kit

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Set with everything you need to make the vacuum in an acrylic or glass desiccating chamber, so you can purge your marijuana resin extractions safely and quickly.

The kit consists of a desiccating chamber of 200mm made from light and resistant methacrylate ideal for small-scale extractions at home.

Secondly, it includes a professional vacuum pump from Rothenberger with a 170l/min suction capacity and which makes vacuum until a 34 Bar pressure with a 330ml oil tank and operating with 3440RPM. This pump has enough force to remove the gas of the semi-liquid marijuana resin. .

Finally, it also incorporates a connector tube with high pressure resistance with a screw connector at one end and a flexible connector at the other, joining the pump with desiccators in the best way.

Look after your health and get the best quality in your extractions with this BHO purging system of an European brand.

Features of the Vacuum Purge Kit BHO:

  • Includes pump, deseccating machine and tube cnnection
  • Minimum recommended pressure for purge: 25 Bar and 50L/min
  • Pump Brand: Rothenberger Roairvac 6.0

Opinions about BHO Vacuum Purge Kit and questions


Rob moulton 03-04-2017
Hello there from Canada. Im wondering what a good unit for doing constant batches is ? One that I can put a decentt amount of bho in. Im trying to save time. Any information would help thank you so much for your time. Rob

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 04-04-2017

Hi Rob,

Basically, you have two options. Amateurs normally use a kit like the one on this page, a vacuum pump and a vacuum chamber. Since some heat is needed during the purging process, people normally use a heating plate to maintain a constant temperature inside the chamber. The largest vacuum chamber we have is 25cm in diameter.

Professionals started with these kits but soon began to use vacuum ovens. Vacuum ovens allow to purge much more material and are much more accurate than heating plates and vacuum chambers (notice that we have different oven models: 25L, 55L and 90L). These ovens need to be connected to a vacuum pump to operate properly.

Without a doubt, an oven is the best option if BHO capacity and time are a priority.

Hope it helped!


Anthony Holmes 27-10-2016
Could you explain exactly why you have to purge bho and if I bought this equipment how would I know how to use it correctly I've never purged properly before and would like to enquire before I buy

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 28-10-2016

Hi Anthony,

Butane is the solvent used to extract trichomes from cannabis and get BHO. Any concentrate made with solvents (butane, alohol, propane, etc) must be properly purged to remove any trace of solvent in the extract and thus be safe for your health.

Basically, you have to extract the resin with the solvent, put the extract in bain marie (40-50ºC) to perform a first purge and then put it in the vacuum chamber and connect the pump. The pump will force the solvent out of the extract and the chamber, leaving your extract clean. Normally, heating plates are used to heat the chamber at around 40ºC and thus facilitate the process.

In this post about how to purge BHO you have several ways to do it.

Please leave here any further doubt or comment, I'll be pleased to reply it.

Hope it helped!

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