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The active principles of cannabis, like CBD (Cannabidiol), are soluble in lipids, so we can use some type of vegetable oil to make their use and dosing easier. In this category we present CBD Oils from organic hemp crops, a very simple and efficient extract for many patients.

CBD Oil can be used sublingually (few drops) or directly in the food. If you don't like the taste of the oil you can use capsules.

All CBD oils and capsules of Alchimia's catalogue have been chosen for their impeccable quality and have been tested in laboratories.

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CBx Vitrovit Oil (CBD)

  • 57.65 €
    30 ml
  • 92.40 €
    50 ml

Vitrovit CBx capsules (CBD)

  • 75.00 €
    25 capsules
    There are only 4 units
  • 145.50 €
    50 capsules

MyCBD 10% CBD Oil 10ml (1000mg CBD)

  • 99.00 €
    Product sold out

My CBD Sublingual Oil 10ml

  • 26.50 €
    Product sold out

Harmony 99% CBD Crystals 500 mg

  • 44.99 €

Endoca Hemp Oil Drops 1500mg CBD

  • 156.00 €
    There are only 5 units

Endoca Hemp Oil 300mg CBD

  • 26.00 €

Endoca Raw Hemp Oil 300mg CBD+CBDa

  • 26.00 €

Endoca Raw Hemp Oil 300mg CBD+CBDa capsules

  • 26.00 €