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CBD cannabis buds are already a reality both in Spain and Europe, as well as in the vast majority of countries around the world. These CBD-rich cannabis flowers contain less than 0.2% THC, meaning the have no psychoactive effect, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of other cannabinoids such as CBD, CBN, CBG, etc.

These buds do not contain seeds, they are harvested from plants generally grown organically in soil both indoors and in greenhouses, to offer the best possible quality of product, not only at the level of cannabinoids but also in terms of the organoleptic properties, with high grade aromas and flavours.

For the many people who do not have the space, time or cultivation know-how to grow their own CBD-rich plants, these cannabis flowers are an excellent option to quickly enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids.

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Banana Kush Small Buds CBD Indoor flowers

Alchimiaweb presents Banana Kush Small Buds CBD Indoor by Natural Suit. Buds grown in indoor cultivation in a totally organic way, pesticides and GMO free [...]

  • 10 g 20.00€

Outdoor Lemon Cookies CBD flowers

Alchimia presents Lemon Cookies CBD buds, flowers grown outdoors in a 100% organic way with citric lemon aromas and no psychoactive effect. Lemon Cookies buds, CBD with ci [...]

  • 10 g 12.00€

Greenhouse Somango CBD Flowers

Xuxes CBD presents here Somango CBD flowers, a strain ready to surprise anyone who wants to try this variety. The Spanish brand Xuxes CBD stands out for the quality of its flowers, [...]

  • 3 g 10.00€

Greenhouse Amnesia CBD Flowers

We present Amnesia CBD flowers. It is a very popular flower all over the world, renowned for its strong and exotic tropical aroma. Amnesia CBD buds by Xuxes CBD, rediscove [...]

  • 3 g 10.00€

Greenhouse Strawberry CBD Flowers

Alchimia presents Strawberry CBD by Xuxes CBD, a variety known for its sweet and fruity aroma that reminds the best strawberries in the forest. As for its appearan [...]

  • 3 g 10.00€

Greenhouse Apple Jack CBD Flowers

Alchimia presents Apple Jack CBD flowers by Xuxes CBD, a variety characterised by a fruity aroma reminiscent of green apple, with a THC le [...]

  • 3 g 10.00€

Greenhouse Cookies CBD Flowers

We present Cookies CBD, a flower with a sweet and penetrating aroma that captivates the senses. Its rounded buds have a distinctive green hue. Ori [...]

  • 3 g 10.00€

Greenhouse Cherry CBD Flowers

Cherry CBD flowers is a product by Xuxes CBD, a brand that stands out for its high quality. Its flowers, of green tones with purple hues, have an extremely potent aroma [...]

  • 3 g 10.00€

Greenhouse Lemon CBD Flowers

We present Lemon CBD flowers by Xuxes CBD, a variety characterised by its lemony aroma that will delight lovers of [...]

  • 3 g 10.00€

Papaya Peach Greenhouse CBD flowers

Alchimiaweb presents Papaya Peach CBD buds by Natural Suit. This genetics, grown in a greenhouse, is notable for the orange colouring and the extreme sweet [...]

  • 5 g 15.00€

Chanel Small Buds CBD Greenhouse flowers

Alchimia presents Chanel Small Buds CBD by Natural Suit, bringing back one of its most representative strains, the famous Chanel. This time in Small Buds format an [...]

  • 10 g 19.00€

Greenhouse Kushmintz CBD Flowers

We present Kushmintz by Xuxes CBD, greenhouse-grown flowers with a potent aroma and stunning colours. This CBD cannabis meets both the legal standards and those re [...]

  • 3 g 10.00€

Greenhouse Green Berry CBD Flowers

We present Green Berry CBD flowers by Xuxes CBD, a product of the highest quality on the CBD market. They are produced in Italy in greenhouses and transported with the greatest pos [...]

  • 3 g 10.00€

Sweet Mandarin Popcorn Greenhouse CBD Flowers

Achimia presents Sweet Mandarin Popcorn Greenhouse pack, mango, and orange terpenes with fresh pine aroma. A set of CBD cannabis buds. Popcorn Sweet Mandarin Greenhouse CB [...]

  • 10 g 20.00€

Gelato CBD Indoor Flowers

We present Gelato, the exquisite green jewel from our fine range of Indoor products, characterised by compact buds and a deeply captivating, sweet aroma [...]

  • 3 g (Out of stock) 15.00€

CBD Blackberry Kush Greenhouse Flowers

We present CBD Blackberry Kush flowers by Natural Suit, a variety cultivated in greenhouses. It surprises by its deep Kush aroma along with a [...]

  • 5 g 12.50€

Monster Kush CBD Flowers - Greenhouse

Monster Kush is a CBD strain produced by Natural Suit, a Spanish based company. The flowers are cultivated in organic cultivation, free of pesticides and GMO. [...]

  • 10 g 25.00€

Popcorn CBD Indoor Flowers

Alchimia presents Popcorn CBD Indoor Flower Mix, certainly to enjoy the organoleptic properties of Natural Suit's various indoor-grown genetics in a single product. Popcorn [...]

  • 10 g 18.00€

Amnesia Haze Indoor CBD flowers

Alchimia is delighted to present Amnesia Haze CBD Indoor Flowers by Natural Suit, a Hall Of Famer strain now in CBD flower version. Let yourself b [...]

  • 5 g 22.00€

Pineapple Express CBD Indoor Flowers

Pineapple Express CBD Indoor Flowers offer a THC below 0.20%, and a CBD content of 13.22%. The flowers are not psychoactive, yet very aromatic and pleasant. These flowers are now a [...]

  • 2 g 13.00€

Fruity Pebbles Outdoor CBD flowers

Alchimiaweb presents the Fruity Pebbles Outdoor CBD buds by Natural Suit. This wonderful US strain produces an intense tropical aroma, very sweet and fruity. [...]

  • 5 g 12.50€

Greenhouse Watermelon CBD Flowers

Alchimia presents Watermelon CBD by Spanish company Xuxes CBD. It is a strain that seduces with its characteristic aroma, which combines tropical sweetness with a subtle bitter touch [...]

  • 3 g 10.00€

Greenhouse Devil Fruit CBD Flowers

We present Devil Fruit, a strain with CBD flowers by Natural Suit. This genetics is cultivated in a greenhouse, so it takes maximum benefit from the sunlight in a [...]

  • 10 g 26.50€

Cherry Punch CBD Indoor flowers

Alchimiaweb presents Cherry Punch CBD Indoor cannabis flowers by Natural Suit, a cross between Blackberry Kush and [...]

  • 5 g 27.00€

Cherry Wine CBD Indoor Flowers

Alchimia presents Cherry Wine CBD Indoor Flowers, with a THC level below 0.2% and a CBD concentration up to 14.73%. It offers fruity cherry aromas and an earthy background. [...]

  • 2 g 13.80€

Jack Herer CBD Flowers - Greenhouse

Alchimiaweb presents Jack Herer CBD flowers by Natural Suit. All flowers cultivated by this company are grown with organic products, free of pesticides and GMO. The customer can re [...]

  • 10 g 24.50€

Chocolate Mint CBD Greenhouse Flowers

Alchimia presents Chocolate Mint CBD buds by the Spanish company Natural Suit in greenhouses. This ensures the best of both worlds, indoor and outdoor growing. [...]

  • 10 g 26.50€
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