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Either in indoor or outdoor cultivation, one of the most important factors to consider is the choice of the growing medium. Using a poor substrate will surely bring problems concerning the development and performance of plants, which means low yields and poor quality.

Alchimia Grow Shop offers you different options, which have been tested by our team with excellent results, either in organic or hydroponic crops.

You'll find the soil mixes manufactured by Biobizz (including Allmix, which contains nutrients for the first month of the plant's life, and Light Mix, for those who want to use liquid nutrients). We also offer Biocanna, developed by the Dutch guys at Canna, as well as Plagron's range of soil mixes, which includes Light Mix, Royal Mix and Promix.

You'll also find the complete range of coco coir substrates manufactured by Ugro, with which the growth of the roots is absolutely amazing. Other hydroponic media like clay pebbles, mapito or rockwool are also offered here.

Finally, you have worm humus and vermiculite to improve your growing medium, as well as polymers to reduce watering frequency.

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Plagron Cocos Brix

13.20€ 16.50€

Perlite Plagron

5.50€ 5.80€

Complete Mix

9.75€ 13.00€

Top Coco

11.60€ 15.50€

Heavy Mix

12.00€ 16.00€

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The non-return flap allows the outflow of air to the outside, but it prevents the entry of air from the outside to the growing space. [...]

  • 100 mm (Out of stock) 12.50€
  • 125 mm 14.00€
  • 150 mm 15.00€ 11.25€
  • 200 mm 20.00€ 18.00€
  • 250 mm 25.00€ 16.25€
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