Rockwool is an excellent growing medium for plants, widely used in hydroponic cultivation.

Here you will find rockwool cubes for rooting clones and germinating seeds and rockwool slabs to grow your plants.

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Rockwool tray by Cutilene

Alchimia presents Rockwool tray by Cutilene, with 77 alveolus (35mm x 35mm x 40mm), for seed germination and rooting of cuttings. Rockwool is a very clean [...]

  • 77 cells (35x35x40) 13.90€

Rockwool Cubes - 7.5 x 7.5 x 6.5 cm

Rockwool cubes. Suitable for the first phase of seed growth and rooting clones or cuttings. The cue has dimensions of 75x75x65mm. Available in two versions, depending on the [...]

  • Big hole 0.53€
  • Small hole 0.53€

Big Block Rockwool cube 15x15x13.5 cm

Big Block rockwool cube has a dimension of 15cm x 15cm x 13.5cm. It is a hydroponic substrate in which plants evolve rapidly with excellent vegetative vigour in [...]

  • 3.20€

SLAB - rockwool bar - 100 x 15 x 7.5 cm

Rockwool slabs are an ideal substrate for hydroponics. Rockwool is an inert substance so nutrients must be added to the water when irrigating. How to use the rockwool slab [...]

  • 5.50€
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