Atami Wilma L 4 pots

Atami presents here its hydroponic system Atami Wilma Large 4 pots of 11 litres or 18 litres, also know as Origin System, ideal for a 1m2 growth tent. Now available in our catalogue at Alchimia. Atami Wilma Large (L) 4x hydroponic system The Wilma [...]

  • 11 L158.38€
  • 18 L158.38€

Wilma Mini 8 pots 1.65L

Alchimia presents Wilma Mini 8 pots hydroponic system by Atami, ideal to cultivate easily 8 small plants in a hydro system. Wilma Mini 8 pots, hydroponic system Wilma Mini is simple and efficient. It is an autonomous system based on the nutritive s [...]

  • 151.36€

Wilma Small Wide 10 Complete 6,5L

Alchimia presents Wilma Small Wide 10 Complete 6,5L, a very easy to use hydroponic system that offers great results. It is perfect both for experienced growers and for those who want to get started in hydroponics. Wilma proposes different models to a [...]

  • 203.50€

Wilma XXL

Alchimia presents Wilma XXL by the renowned brand Atami. It is a hydroponics system suitable for growing spaces and grow tents from 1.2x1.2m to 1.5x1.5m. It is a simple system to use, very light and easy to transport. It is available in different siz [...]

  • 5 pots of 25L300.35€
  • 8 pots of 18L300.35€
  • 20 pots of 6,5L323.64€
  • 16 pots of 11L323.64€

Tube 7mm 26cm with sprayer

Alchimia presents this tube for hydroponic cultivation systems, perfect for the installation of automatic irrigation in our garden. It is a tube equipped with a sprayer, 7 mm in diameter and 26 cm long. [...]

  • 2.20€ 1.43€

GHE EBB&GROW Hydroponic system

Alchimiaweb presents the EBB&GROW hydroponic system, developed by General Hydroponics Europe by following the principles of the ebb&grow technique. The system created by GHE is very easy to use and thus suitable for bovice and experienced gr [...]

  • 220.00€
UP TO 35%

Replacement cover for Atlas system

Available now in our cannabis gardening catalogue at Alchimia, replacement covers for the Atlas hydroponic cultivation systems. Manufactured from high quality plastic, they can be easily cut when placing the plants.Available in three sizes: Atlas S [...]

  • Small3.00€ 2.10€
  • Medium3.00€ 2.10€
  • Large3.00€ 1.95€

Small tank remplacement 50L (Atlas S12)

Alchimia offers you the small 50L spare tank to be used with the Atlas S12, now available in our cannabis gardening catalogue. Mainly used with the Atlas S12 dripper system, this spare part is designed to replace the original tank. Small 50L tank i [...]

  • 26.90€ 20.18€

GHE WaterFarm - 45 L

Water-Farm from General Hydroponics is a system designed to hold and grow 1-6 plants. AquaFarm and its operation is effective, reliable, easy to use and affordable, allowing plants to grow more quickly and obtain a greater harvest. Dimensions: 45.5 [...]

  • 69.00€

NFT Spreader Mat

The NFT system is a hydroponic technique well known in the Netherlands, both for its high yields and how easy it is to use. NFT is highly attractive to growers for it's convenience. It's simple to reuse or dispose of due to the use of a film or blan [...]

  • 3.50€

GHE WaterFarm -15 L

WaterFarm from General Hydroponics is a hydroponics system well suited to beginners as well as the more experienced grower. Technically, it is very similar to Aquafarm, also from General Hydroponics; Waterfarm is only different by size and price. D [...]

  • (Out of stock)50.00€

NUTRICULTURE Flo-Grow - 45 L - 1010 x 485 x 205 mm

Nutriculture FLO GROW 45 litre is characterised by a drip irrigation system, low maintenance and easy access to the air pump and nutrient solution. It is a hydroponics system that is short in height, so as to maximise the space for the plant's devel [...]

  • 110.00€

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