Atlas S12 - 4 Dripper System

Atlas S12 - 4 Dripper System is a simple, compact and effective recirculating hydroponic system for growing cannabis and other vegetables or plants. The system is composed of a 65L nutrient tank. We can full up this container with up to 50L of nutrie [...]

  • (Product sold out)99.00€

Atlas M12 - 8 Dripper System

Atlas M12 is a compact, simple and lightweight recirculation hydroponic system suitable for the different hydroponic growing medias like coco fibers, clay pebbles, rockwool or mapito, now available in Alchimia GrowShop.At the base of the growing syst [...]

  • (Product sold out)137.00€

Atlas L12 - 16 Dripper System

L12 is an hydroponics system based on recirculating nutrient used for growing cannabis or vegetables.This system is based on three sides, bottom, find the set of physical tank that will support the entire growing system. The tank has a capacity of 1 [...]

  • (Product sold out)235.00€

Medium tank 100L Atlas M12/L12

Discover theses spare tanks designed to replace the original used with the Atlas M12 or Atlas L12 hydroponic growing systems, now available in our cannabis gardening catalogue at Alchimia. Manufactured from high-quality plastic, these tanks have a [...]

  • (Product sold out)33.40€

GHE EBB&GROW Hydroponic system

Alchimiaweb presents the EBB&GROW hydroponic system, developed by General Hydroponics Europe by following the principles of the ebb&grow technique. The system created by GHE is very easy to use and thus suitable for bovice and experienced gr [...]

  • 220.00€

Replacement cover for Atlas system

Available now in our cannabis gardening catalogue at Alchimia, replacement covers for the Atlas hydroponic cultivation systems. Manufactured from high quality plastic, they can be easily cut when placing the plants.Available in three sizes: Atlas S [...]

  • Small3.00€
  • Medium3.00€
  • Large3.00€

Small tank remplacement 50L (Atlas S12)

Alchimia offers you the small 50L spare tank to be used with the Atlas S12, now available in our cannabis gardening catalogue. Mainly used with the Atlas S12 dripper system, this spare part is designed to replace the original tank. Small 50L tank i [...]

  • 26.90€

Flood and drain Atlas S12

We present this flood & drain table, adaptable to the S12 Atlas system, and which can also be used independently. Now available in our hydroponic growing systems catalogue at Alchimia.com. They are specially manufactured for fast drainage in hyd [...]

  • (Product sold out)26.90€

Plant It Aeros I System

The Aeros I hydroponics system works on the Deep Water Culture system. With very little substrate, space and fertilizers will work wonders with your marijuana plants. The system consists of a nucket acting as a tank, with a top hole were is placed a [...]

  • (Product sold out)39.90€

Aeros IV master System

Aeros IV Master is a recirculating hydroponic system known as Deep Water Culture. In these growing systems, roots hang from the netpot suspended in the air while their capillaries soak in the water of the container where we have the plant, using onl [...]

  • (Product sold out)145.00€

ATAMI Wilma Hydroponic System

The Atami Wilma Hydroponic System is a growing kit of easy assembly whose main advantages are: Reduced incidence of diseases and pests. There is no accumulation of salts. Nutrients directly feed the root zone. Wilma systems are hydroponic growing sy [...]

  • 4 pots (Product sold out)90.00€
  • 8 pots (Product sold out)135.00€
  • 16 pots (Product sold out)260.00€

NFT Spreader Mat

The NFT system is a hydroponic technique well known in the Netherlands, both for its high yields and how easy it is to use. NFT is highly attractive to growers for it's convenience. It's simple to reuse or dispose of due to the use of a film or blan [...]

  • 3.50€

GHE WaterFarm - 45 L

Water-Farm from General Hydroponics is a system designed to hold and grow 1-6 plants. AquaFarm and its operation is effective, reliable, easy to use and affordable, allowing plants to grow more quickly and obtain a greater harvest. Dimensions: 45.5 [...]

  • 69.00€

GHE WaterFarm -15 L

WaterFarm from General Hydroponics is a hydroponics system well suited to beginners as well as the more experienced grower. Technically, it is very similar to Aquafarm, also from General Hydroponics; Waterfarm is only different by size and price. D [...]

  • 50.00€

GHE Irrigation kit for Aquafarm

Replacement Kit for hydroponic growing systems from General Hydroponics, the Aquafarm. This components set allows us to replace the irrigation pump system of the hydroponic plant pot from GHE if that the dripper gets damaged. Includes tubes, drip [...]

  • (Product sold out)29.90€

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