Milwaukee MC740 EC controller with dosing pump

Milwaukee MC740 EC controller with dosing pump

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Milwaukee MC740 EC meter with dosing pump is a set of devices that automatically measure and maintain the nutrient solution in hydroponic growing systems, whether they are in closed cycle or recirculation systems as well as flood to drain.

The equipment consists of a quality EC meter which provides accurate readings of the nutrient levels in the tank, and the nutrient dosing pump which is responsible for maintaining the ideal EC values required for a perfect plant development through all cultivation cycles.

The EC levels in hydroponic indoor recirculation systems can vary because the plants use the water and available nutrients for development, meaning that EC levels decrease as they are used.

The EC dosing pump allows you to maintain ideal values. That is, no matter the quantity of nutrients the plants consume, they will be automatically replenished by the pump. The pump takes the nutrients needed from an auxiliary tank and discharges them into the main tank. Flexible tubes connected to the pump and tanks are used for transferring the nutrients to meet the EC levels established by the grower.

Milwaukee EC Meter and Pump Installation

Both the meter and the pump can be mounted on the wall nearby the nutrient tank. The meter probe performs the readings and the dosing pump maintains the EC levels.

Connect the EC pump adapter to the meter and to the main line. The meter needs also be plugged to the power. Using the calibration trimmer graduate the EC level desired. Now the meter is ready for the first reading. In case the EC levels are below calibration point the EC pump is automatically activated and discharges nutrients into the main tank until reaching the EC levels assigned by the grower. Once completed the pump ceases operating.

How to use the EC Milwaukee pump

It is necessary to use a water pump or alternatively an air pump to mix the nutrient tank solution, in this way we obtain more efficient readings and EC levels are better controlled.

The dosage is 100ml fertiliser per 5L water, although this can be increased to meet particular needs. The mixture is placed in the auxiliary nutrient tank that can be simply a water jug.

Milawaukee EC MC740 Meter with EC Dosing Pump info:

  • Continuous EC meter
  • Spare probe model MA812 with 2 meters of cable
  • EC pump model MP810
  • Ideal for hydroponic systems
  • Manual calibration and programming
  • EC automatic control

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