Cultimate by T.A. (formerly G.H.E's Aquafarm and Waterfarm)

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Alchimia presents Cultimate by Terra Aquatica (formerly G.H.E. Aquafarm and Waterfarm). It is a growing system designed to contain 1 to 6 plants. Cultimate is effective, reliable, easy to use and affordable, with plants growing faster and offering more abundant yields.

Since 1975, thousands of Terra Aquatica Cultimate growing systems have been sold throughout the world, with optimal results for their users.

The plants are grown in a pot filled with clay pebbles. The culture chamber is suspended above the reservoir with the nutrients. An air pump conducts this solution and distributes it through a dispersal tube, from where it falls into the little clays.

This process mixes nutrients with air, continually bathing the roots and stimulating the plant growth.

This system is based on the use of air to extract the nutrient solution from a reservoir, which percolates through the clay ball substrate onto the plant roots.

Although this design is simple, it is highly effective in supplying plants with a well-oxygenated nutrient solution, which is crucial for optimum growth and flowering.

In addition, it is divided in two-parts for an easy access to both the tank and the roots, a difficult or even impossible task in other similar systems. In short, T.A.'s Cultimate is a reliable and highly effective system for providing plants with the nutrients they need to grow and flourish healthily.

This version 3.0 is made with highly durable and resistant recycled plastics, which protect the roots from UVA radiation and from light in general. It is an extensible and versatile equipment, which also consume very little energy, just 2w.

Cultimate L by T.A., formerly Aquafarm by GHE:

  • Dimensions: 45.5cm side (square) and 43cm high
  • Capacity: 45L

Cultimate S by T.A., formerly Waterfarm by GHE:

  • Dimensions: 30.5 cm (square) x 37cm high
  • Capacity: 15L

Cultimate hydroponic system by Terra Aquatica (formerly G.H.E)

Terra Aquatica, formerly General Hydroponics, continues to lead with its Cultimate hydroponics systems, formerly known as Aquafarm and Waterfarm.

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