Wilma Small Wide V2 10 Complete 6.5L

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Alchimia presents Wilma Small Wide V2 10 Complete 6.5L, a very easy to use hydroponic system that offers great results. It is perfect both for experienced growers and for those who want to get started in hydroponics. Wilma proposes different models to adapt them according to the available growing space.

Wilma Small Wide V2 10 Complete 6.5L, hydroponics made easy

This Wilma system has dimensions of 120cm x 60cm x 20cm, with an 85L tank. It is ideal for supplying 10 pots of 6.5L, a pot with more than enough capacity for a hydroponic system. Wilma Compact 10 pots 6.5L is ideal for 1.2m x 0.6m and 1.2m x 1.2m cultivation tents. In the latter, it is possible to install 2 Wilma units and cultivate two different varieties.

The Wilma system is light and very easy to transport. It is a very good choice for beginners in hydroponics, but also for experienced cultivators as it works with different growing substrates.

Wilma Small Wide V2 10 Complete 6.5L, hydroponic recirculation system

Wilma operates via drip irrigation. This hydroponic system has the advantages of cultivating in pots, located on top of the tank.

The Wilma system recirculates the nutrient solution by means of a pump, included, in a closed irrigation circuit. A highly efficient system that saves you the inconvenience of manual watering. The irrigation operates by drip watering, with the option of programming the pump depending on the substrate.

Wilma hydroponic systems can advance the harvest up to 10 days earlier than usual, also increasing yields.

Wilma Small Wide V2 10 Complete 6.5 L, automated irrigation

The recirculation system ensures that the roots receive the nutrients regardless the substrate type, be it coco, clay, etc. The nutrient solution is added to the reservoir, controlling the pH and EC. Simply checking that there is never a shortage of water in the tank.

Wilma hydroponics systems are a very good option to optimise cultivation and avoid manual watering.

Atami WWilma Small Wide V2 10 Complete 6.5L info:

  • Hydroponic system for all growers
  • Dimensions: 120cm x 60cm x 20cm
  • 85L tank
  • 10 pots of 6.5L (19x19 cm)
  • Watering system and pump

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