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Grow tents and kits

Grow tents and Grow tent Kits are the crown jewel of our catalog. Since their appearance, indoor growers have the chance to enjoy a discreet, clean and adaptable growing space. Yu'll find different models, from 60 x 60 x 140 cm to 120x 240 x 200 cm.

You'll find the Alchimia Box range of grow tents, versatile and durable tents for indoor gardening manufactured with quality materials and available in various sizes. Our team has personally supervised the manufacture of these grow tents, and have also tested them with excellent results.

You'll also find Secret Jardin grow tents, with their Dark Room line (a quality product that meets all the needs of the indoor grower, with lots of air inlets and outlets, doors, windows, etc) and the Dark Street line, an alternative to Dark Room for those who have a more limited budget.

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