Grow tent Probox Master 150 V.2

Grow tent Probox Master 150 V.2
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Probox Master 150 V.2 Grow tent, 100% airtight closures

Probox Master 150 V.2 by Garden Highpro measures 150cm x 150cm x 200cm. It is designed to develop a cultivation in optimal conditions while offering ample space to work properly. It is ideal for the installation of a powerful 600/1000 W luminaire, or two less powerful 400 W fixtures.

The numerous doors make it possible to work even more extensively. The doors zips are 100% opaque and do not allow any light beam from the outside to pass through.

Probox Master 150 V.2 Grow Tent, very easy to assemble and disassemble

It has a structure based on metal bars that are assembled by means of strong joints and elbows. It is certainly very easy to mount, dismount and store. It incorporates reinforcement bars to place the material on the top and increase its stability.

Its interior is coated with Reflective Mylar plastic with a 97% reflectivity, being able to make the most of the light generated inside the tent, which is certainly important given the electricity costs nowadays.

The air extraction and cable outlets are optimally arranged to reach every part of the enclosure with as few cables as possible. These outlets are protected with sleeves, cords and grommets to prevent any gaps where light, air or insects can enter from outside.

Probox Master 150 V.2 Grow Tent features:

  • Measures: 150cm x 150cm x 200cm
  • Premium Mylar plastic cover - 97% reflectivity
  • 100% airtight zips
  • Ideal for growing in a large space
  • Multiple access to the cultivation

Probox Master 150 V.2 Grow Tent elements:

  • Front doors - 1: 145cm x 180cm
  • Front windows - 1: 35cm x 35cm
  • Side doors - 2: 145cm x 115cm
  • Air inlets - 3: 38cm x 18cm
  • Adjustable air extraction outlets - 5: 16.5cm
  • Outlets for wiring - 3: 8cm

Properties of Grow tent Probox Master 150 V.2

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