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Marijuana, whether fresh or cured, and its derivatives produce a very characteristic aroma. Most people are familiar with cannabis fragrance and certainly in some situations or places this may be a problem. Especially if we have to carry some weed or extraction around on the street or on public transport.

Alchimia Grow Shop introduces in this category a set of anti-odour bags for you to play the card of discretion. These bags are equipped with active carbon filter systems so that you do not "stick out like a sore thumb" when you have to carry cannabis around.

The backpacks, toiletries, wallets and travel bags featured in this catalogue are completely airtight and let you move around without attracting attention or arousing suspicion.

You can find brands like Revelry or Absent, leaders in the sector for their quality and prestige. They present products specially conceived and designed to remove any fragrance produced by your belongings in the bag.

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Anti-odour Case XS - Purize

Alchimia presents the Anti-odour Case XS because discretion is important. Anti-odour Case XS, classic and minimalist design A magnificent Purize XS Anti-o [...]

  • 8.82€

OZeta Anti-Odour Shoulder Bag

OZeta Anti-odour shoulder bag is the ideal choice for the user who is looking for maximum discretion without losing style. It offers an effective anti-odour system and a sober blac [...]

  • Black 41.50€

OZeta Anti-Odour Large Case

OZeta Anti-odour Large Case is the perfect product to carry with you all the necessary material that a smoker needs. From grinders, papers, pots with your cannabis, everything you [...]

  • Black 35.50€

Purize Anti-odour Backpack

Alchimia presents this Purize Anti-odour Backpack, with an active carbon lining to absorb odours and prevent them from escaping. This product, now available in our catalogue, is re [...]

  • 68.82€

OZeta Anti-Odour Small Case

We present Anti-odour Small Hard Case by OZeta, perfect for carrying all the essential material of a smoker while remaining as unnoticed a [...]

  • Black 27.00€
  • Olive 27.00€
  • Cyan 27.00€

OZeta Anti-Odour Mini Clip Case

We present the OZeta Anti-odour Mini Clip Case, an ideal accessory to carry with you without taking up too much space. Here you keep just what is needed to [...]

  • Black 21.00€

OZeta Anti-Odour XL Case

OZeta Anti-odour XL Case is designed to combine style and discretion with the powerful cannabis smell. Many of us give off this scent thanks to our flowers. It is an effective odou [...]

  • Black 41.50€

Anti-odour backpack Revelry The Drifter

Alchimiaweb presents Revelry's anti-odour backpacks, featuring The Drifter Rolltop 23L. Thanks to its carbon filter system it can carry odorous elements without attracting attention [...]

  • Marine (Out of stock) 165.00€ 156.75€

Activated carbon Beltbag - Purize

Who says beltbags aren't fashionable? The Anti-odour Beltbag by Purize features a beautiful design. A product made with high quality materials, it is water-repelle [...]

  • 41.22€

Ryot Piper Anti-odour Case

Ryot Piper Anti-odour Case, keep your herbs fresh and discrete Ryot Piper Case provides the perfect solution for keeping your herbs fresh and preventing unwanted odours [...]

  • (Out of stock) 62.42€

Ryot PackRatz Anti-odour Case

Alchimia presents Ryot's PackRatz Anti-Odour Case, an innovative and improved solution for safely storing your hand-sized accessories like [...]

  • (Out of stock) 35.28€

Ryot Anti-odour HardCase

We present the Ryot HardCase, a compact and robust solution designed to provide maximum protection for your favourite accessories such as hand pipes and vaporisers [...]

  • 28.52€

OZeta Anti-odour Medium Hard Case

OZeta Anti-odour Medium Hard Case: Discretion and protection for all your items We present OZeta medium hard case, the perfect solution for carrying everything you n [...]

  • Black 31.00€
  • Grey 31.00€

OZeta Anti-odour 4x4 Fanny Pack

Alchimia presents the OZeta Anti-odour 4x4 Fanny Pack, a product specifically designed to go unnoticed even if carrying the smell [...]

  • Black 41.50€
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