Soil is the basis for a successful harvest.

This type of growing medium satisfies both beginner growers and experts. All types of soil listed here are suitable for either indoor or outdoor growing. Some are richer in nutrients, while others contain a lighter mix.

PH is perfectly suited for the needs of most plants.

Generally, this type of soil consists of a mix of peat, worm humus, coco fibers, perlite...

All soil brands offered here are widely used by growers around the world, a guarantee of success.

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All Mix by Bio Bizz

All Mix been developed by BioBizz to be the best and most complete all-round potting mix for organic cultivation, containing everything a plant needs for lush, vigorous growth. Specially formulated to create a healthy root zone by providing the perfe [...]

  • 20 L9.89€ 7.90€

Covercrop LightMix 50L

Alchimia presents the 50L CoverCrop earth sacks. It is available in our catalogue of substrates for growing cannabis indoors or outdoors at alchimiaweb. CoverCrop LightMix Thanks to its low EC levels, the grower can accurately control the liquid nutr [...]

  • 8.99€

Heavy Mix

Alchimia presents Heavy Mix by Top Crop, a nutrient-enriched substrate. This high quality substrate provides the necessary nutrition for your plants lasting several weeks. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. Heavy Mix by Top Crop, the nutrient [...]

  • 16.00€

BIOCANNA Bio Terra Plus 50L

CANNA Research has created a certified biological soil compliant with international biological soil standards . Bio Terra Plus is comprised of 100% natural substances and, therefore, can also be used in organic farming. Bio Terra Plus consists of [...]

  • 20.75€

Plagron Promix 50L

Plagron Promix 50L is now available in Alchimiaweb, a substrate for marijuana plants made from different quality peat moss that provide excellent oxygenation and lightness. This soil only contains worm castings, without any other nutrient , helping [...]

  • 14.70€

Complete Mix

Alchimia presents Complete Mix by Top Crop, a high quality substrate intended to obtain plants with healthy development and an optimum harvest. Top Crop Complete Mix Top Crop Complete Mix substrate is composed of a mixture of coconut fibre, blonde [...]

  • 50 L13.00€

PLAGRON Light Mix soil 50 L

PLAGRON Light Mix soil is composed of the best types of peat, mixed with several fibers and perlite for optimal oxygenation and lightness of the substrate. The particularity of this soil is that Light Mix contains very few nutrients, allowing the gr [...]

  • 10.70€

PLAGRON RoyalMix 50L

PLAGRON RoyalMix is composed of the highest quality peat, carefully selected , mixed with different types of fibers and perlite to get optimal levels of lightness and oxygenation for the roots. Certified by the NF U 44-551 standard, Royal Mix soil co [...]

  • 50L19.25€

Light Mix Bio Bizz

Light Mix from Bio Bizz is the ideal substrate for growers who want to control the growth of their marijuana plants using a liquid fertilizer. This soil is slightly pre-fertilized. Light Mix ensures rapid development of the roots and vigorous early [...]

  • 50 L13.79€

All Mix by Bio Bizz

Bio Bizz All Mix has been specially developed in order to be the most complete planting soil for organic growing, with everything required for healthy, vigorous plants. Mixed to encourage a vibrant root zone by providing the perfect balance of air an [...]

  • 20 L9.89€ 7.90€
  • 50 L21.05€


Plagron Grow Mix is a blend of the finest, and carefully selected types of peat. It contains various types of fibre, making it light and with an oxygen level you would expect from a quality substrate like Plagron. The generous amount of Plagron wor [...]

  • 13.40€


Plagron Bat Mix is a blend of the finest and carefully selected types of peat. It contains various types of fibre and perlite which make it light and with an oxygen level you would expect from a Plagron quality substrate. The generous amount of Pla [...]

  • 19.30€

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